AI is quickly becoming important in cybersecurity and identity and access management. 

FREMONT, CA: Identity and Access Management (IAM) is continually evolving across several functions, including data security, synchronizing internal data, authentication, allowing consumer contact preference management, and meeting privacy compliance demands to point out a few. According to the latest report, protecting the enterprise from data breaches, malicious insiders, and fraud remains a top business priority. It is driving demand for smarter identity analytics that can dynamically detect anomalous user activity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enters here, a perfect fit for the above challenges, given its ability to explain unusual behavior. Here is more about how AI is impacting IAM.

AI technology can be a major help for effective IAM and can help avoid a lot of frustration. These technologies can help enterprises grow from a technical approach of access management into a form of access management that is understandable on all levels within an enterprise. Analytics combined with AI can provide more focus and contextual insights for technical and non-technical employees to work more efficiently. Modern technologies offer ways to learn new insights and automate processes, which will speed up the existing IAM compliance controls. They can identify anomalies and potential threats without the need for a large team of security experts. This gives employees the information needed to make correct decisions.

In the areas of anti-money laundering and fraud identification, such progress is crucial. It also paves the way to move from reactive access management to preventative access management. This results in enterprises being continuously in control, security, and compliance. Although AI and machine learning offer many benefits, people often mistakenly assume that this technology can take all the work and automate the whole process of IAM. As of today, this is not the case. These modern technologies prove most beneficial when deployed to do one task instead of many. So, AI and machine learning can help and improve identity and access management.