For enterprises, finding a reliable MSSP means outsourcing the cybersecurity to an agency with experience.

FREMONT, CA: Business executives have become overwhelmed with the threat of a breach, compliance, exploding security budgets, and not understanding what data security is and how it is better managed. A solution that enterprises are increasingly touting is partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP) to their security organizations with the people, processes, and technology to secure their vital assets and data. Here are the benefits of hiring a managed security service provider.

• Real-Time Monitoring

MSSP efforts are not just spotted checks; they are constant. Managed security service providers can identify intrusions as they occur and even test firewall strength with penetration testing. For enterprises managing large amounts of personal or proprietary data, discovering a security breach after the fact can ruin the business. That’s why MSSPs are in increased demand.

• Lesser Cost

While business leaders don’t like to put a price tag on cybersecurity, the budgets must balance revenue-driving with risk management efforts. Without revenue growth, there’s no business to guard. But without cybersecurity, one breach could damage the brand’s reputation forever. MSSPs provide small and medium-sized firms relief from the plight described above. It’s not that MSSPs are cheaper. It’s that the outsourced teams can accomplish with better efficiency what in-house teams can.

• More Time for IT Staff

Speaking of in-house teams, many firms informally task their IT employees with cybersecurity tasks and monitoring. The issue with this approach is that burnt-out teams expend a lot of energy with mediocre outcomes. IT executives struggle to meet tasks outlined in their job description while pulling double-duty on cybersecurity efforts. Most IT employees specialize in streamlining company operations – not securing them. MSSPs allow the IT team to focus on what it does best while full-time cybersecurity experts maintain the network’s integrity. This IT relief is one of the major benefits of MSSPs.

• Faster Incident Response

Most digitally-transformed firms experience attacks regularly. Because many attacks are unsuccessful, it is seamless to shrug at the data. However, it only takes one successful intrusion to cripple the entire organization. MSSPs can respond immediately to successful intrusions to avoid lost or stolen data. After remediating an incident, they can use the incident to adapt to the emerging cyber-threats.

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