Blockchain technology has come to guard data and prevent breaches from getting into the wrong hands.

FREMONT, CA: The idea of Blockchain technology came in 2009, and since then, there has been a lot of mania in the tech landscape. This technology is here for under a decade. Later, this technology has paved its wa worldwide, and people began using it in several ways and industries. One such way is to better cybersecurity. Blockchain is a distributed network that has millions of users across the globe. Each user can add data to the Blockchain and all information in the Blockchain is secured by cryptography. Here are some ways how Blockchain is helping to accelerate cybersecurity in this evolving era of technology.

DDoS Protection

By deploying blockchain technology, the Domain Name System (DNS) becomes completely decentralized, disturbs the contents to many nodes, and makes it impossible for hackers to pose a threat. However, Domain editing rights are given to only those who own them, and no other person can make alterations. This mitigates the risks of data being accessed or changed by unauthorized parties. By utilizing this advanced technology, a system can make sure that it becomes invulnerable to hackers unless every node is wiped out simultaneously.

Identity Threat Protection

Identity theft is becoming a complex problem today. The cyber-criminals are utilizing this identity to commit crimes, but with the integration of blockchain technology, this practice can be avoided. Within the decentralized environment, the activities and the transactions will get accessed from the device using the Decentralized Identity App. By doing so, every completed transaction will keep on record, and everyone will have access to approve or disapprove it. If there is disapproval, the transaction will not be acceptable.

IoT Security

IoT is making novel opportunities and is offering a competitive benefit for businesses in new and existing markets. It traces every data, and how, when, where, and why users collect it. The technologies that have resulted in the Internet of Things are changing the things connected to the internet. This includes the devices and gateways on the edge of the network that can request a service without human interference at certain levels. Blockchain technology can guard the data exchanges which happen among the IoT devices. It can also be used to get real-time secure data transmissions and ensure timely communication between devices.

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