More and more enterprises turn to managed security services to gain security expertise and reduce the workload of their in-house security staff.

FREMONT, CA: The threat landscape is constantly changing, presenting enterprises of all sizes with a continuous security challenges supply. Gone are the days when antivirus solutions alone can ensure a satisfactory level of protection against cyber attacks. Today, sophisticated threats can easily defeat conventional defenses with new attacking methods, which they often aim at organizations with limited resources. Because security threats are becoming increasingly common, many organizations are seeking the help of Managed Security Services (MSS). Here are the top benefits of MSS.

• Superior Protection

Enterprises use different solutions for cybersecurity. Most of these solutions have integration issues, creating ineffective, costly data silos that always create additional security threats. MSS usually offers integrated technical solutions that integrate best-of-breed technology that has been developed with businesses over time by specialists. Most significantly, MSS has the scope and can spread the fixed cost of their investment in technology across a large customer base, thus passing the customer's savings.

• Cost Savings

MSS helps organizations substitute substantial, regular capital spending to invest in new cybersecurity technologies and capabilities with stable, ongoing operating costs. Enterprises can use MSS to provide round the clock coverage for a fraction of the cost. When factoring in total security costs, MSS can provide an immediate return on investment (ROI) for enterprises that decide between developing a security infrastructure and contracting an MSS.

• Focus on Business

In many enterprises, the problem has become so important that the security diversion has shifted the focus of business leaders from making money and serving their customers to establish a viable security organization. The need to balance security needs with business goals is challenging. Using MSS is one way for enterprises to reduce the complexities associated with managing a cybersecurity system, enabling their executives to focus solely on core business requirements from the fear of breaking back.

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