Stephan Schweizer, CEO, Nevis SecurityStephan Schweizer, CEO
The war on cybercrime is far from over. In retrospect, the past decade reveals that even as technology progressed dramatically, on an equal footing, the cybercriminals have proven to be sophisticated and devious in adapting to new surroundings. Despite growing emphasis and awareness of cyber threats, most organizations continue to experience massive security breaches. The reason: lack of robust identity proofing. Conventional security measures such as passwords and biometrics are unable to safeguard enterprise data and resources. Meeting the demands of digital transformation and the disruptive economy requires an ability to quickly innovate and the tools to offer exceptional customer identity experiences, all while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance.

In this scenario, the crucial question arises: how to validate myriad of users and their access to the desired resources in the most efficient way and in less time. Holding the keys to this is the Zurich-based Nevis Security.

Nevis is at the forefront of developing security solutions for the digital world of tomorrow. The company’s objective is to create password-less logins, which are intuitive to use and offer optimal protection of user data. As a specialist in authentication, Nevis has more than twenty years of experience. Until early 2020, the company was a part of AdNovum Informatik AG, and today it is established as an independent spin-off company. Nevis is the market leader for Identity and Access Management in Switzerland, and it protects over 80 percent of all e-banking transactions. Government authorities and leading service providers and industrial companies across the globe rely on Nevis solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, Nevis operates offices in Germany and Hungary.

The company’s solution portfolio includes two products namely Authentication Cloud and customer identity and access management (CIAM). Nevis identity and access management applications increase company security and productivity. At the same time, they significantly help reduce internal costs and security efforts.

“The Corona pandemic rapidly accelerated the digital transformation. Reliable identity management is crucial when it comes to winning over customers with a good user experience and high security standards and retaining them,” says Stephan Schweizer, CEO of Nevis. “Securing sensitive data is also imperative. The key here is to improve the implementation of legal regulations in practice by relying more on vendor-independent standards instead of isolated solutions.”

With our CIAM platform, companies can unequivocally, effectively, and with legal certainty guarantee that everyone who logs in is indeed the person they claim to be

The Password Is The Biggest Security Risk

Recalling a long, complex password for each individual account no longer fits into today’s fast, mobile world. New solutions with password-free authentication such as fingerprint or face ID are not only faster and more convenient but also significantly more secure for all parties involved. Because they eliminate the primary target of hackers: the password. With the Nevis Authentication Cloud, businesses can offer customers maximum security and a smooth user experience in no time at all. It enables customers to access online services without passwords and costly SMS fees.

The Nevis Authentication Cloud saves time, costs, and hassle: Password-less authentication works without SMS-TAN and thus eliminates costly transaction fees. Organizations can roll out new services in no time with the help of Nevis’ out-of-the-box integrations, which is upto industry standards such as Azure AD B2C.

Digital ID Protection

“The concept of an eID is one of the most interesting models for user-friendly protection of personal data”, explains Schweizer. “With our CIAM platform, companies can unequivocally, effectively, and with legal certainty guarantee that everyone who logs in is indeed the person they claim to be.”

Nevis’ CIAM/IAM solution tackles the identification of individuals in resource-providing systems. They believe that not every user should have the same level of access to all resources. This is why Nevis identity management matches designated identities with user rights and restrictions thereby controlling access to the desired resources. It determines on which devices and under what circumstances access to resources is granted and how they can be used.

Nevis allows its customers to offer their users a new, fast, and secure way of access to all functions via various portals. After a one-time activation, a fingerprint is sufficient and the user is securely logged in. The online account can be used securely and without a password from anywhere at any time. Beforehand, defined guidelines for what permissions can be assigned to users are stipulated in the Nevis’ identity management system. These guidelines are based on factors like device type and location. Nevis’ identity management system also offers functions like reports, security warnings, and other operations and management requests. When users attempt to access resources the guidelines do not authorize them to access, an alarm triggers the system. These incidents are logged and available as a report. For security reasons, identity management applications like Nevis are managed on a dedicated server or network – either in the cloud or on-premises.
Companies and organizations across all industries have successfully integrated the tried and tested Nevis identity management. Because it is essential that customer, employer, and other personal data be constantly available and reliably provided across the board. All-in-all, Nevis offers a single, all-encompassing identity and access management solution for all your identity use cases.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, has used Nevis components for their e-banking since it first went live in 1997. Today, Nevis protects the most important access points of UBS clients: e-banking and phone, mobile banking, Multimat ATMs, OFX and UBS Quotes. As a core component of UBS’ security infrastructure, Nevis scales well. The bank’s immense volumes can be processed quickly and efficiently. Nevis reflects the ever-changing security requirements of the bank by offering customized products. Thus, UBS doesn’t need to adapt to the product. Due to its inherent flexibility and engineering services, Nevis adapts to the customers’ needs. The high demands of the bank put the Nevis components to the test again and again. The collaboration between UBS and Nevis brings market-oriented enhancements, and the new features can easily be used for other applications as well. Nevis has proved itself in numerous upgrades (for development, testing and production environments). It undergoes constant change and evolves according to the latest technologies. NEVIS has already successfully passed several bank-internal technology leaps (e.g., Java, Corba to Web Services, Platform Migrations) and is well positioned for future requirements.

In another instance, Nevis helped PostFinance to secure their E-Finance and E-Trading functions. With the PostFinance App, PostFinance AG offers its customers new, fast and secure access to all E-Finance and E-Trading functions. After a single activation, a fingerprint is sufficient for the customer to securely log in. The Nevis Identity Suite is the secure core of the solution. PostFinance’s existing access management system has been expanded with the FIDO-based mobile authentication. In addition to enabling password-less access to accounts via the app, Nevis also makes it easy to implement further digitalization projects for PostFinance.

With several such success stories in their quiver, Nevis envisions becoming a leading B2B digital Identity and authentication solutions provider that overcomes identity theft and data hacking. With the aim to have a worldwide reach, the company plans to expand internationally. It comes as no surprise that the company has been awarded the annual “Cyber Security Excellence Award in 2020” and more.

The recent COVID-19 crisis sent the demand for digital services skyrocketing – this was especially palpable in the booming online retail and other sector. Nevis’ IAM (Identity and Access Management) and CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) are helping users securely verify themselves and protecting data from unwarranted access.