Digital identity has quickly become an important aspect of cybersecurity. Acknowledging this need, organisations are adopting IAM solutions to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. However, lately, despite IAM implementations, business users are still reluctant to use the interface to learn what applications or data their employees could access because of their job. Too often, the IAM tool is designed by IT technicians who have a different mindset than business users. Also, when the number of applications or users grew, the complexity of using those interfaces became so high that users stopped using them and IAM projects become a failure. In light of this, it has become extremely important to enable business managers or people who do not work in IT and have no knowledge of it, to govern access rights on a matrix with thousands of users and hundreds of applications. Understanding the market requirements and hitting the bull’s eye, Net Studio provides its specialized tool for Identity Governance systems by first listening to business users and their real pains, rather than the IT staff, to provide them with the required solution for better access control. Net Studio is both a digital identity consulting company and an IAM tools developer.

For its projects, Net Studio includes software from many brands such as IBM, Sailpoint, Okta, Microfocus, OneIdentity. However, each of these has its own interfaces, but there are no brands that produce a universal interface for the different facets of the digital identity. Net Studio has successfully created one. The company’s main SW tool, EasyRequest, offers a simpler interface than those included in the box from well-known software vendors. “EasyRequest was born to enable business users to easily understand and manage IT requests without the support of IT or helpdesk,” says Luca Bendinelli, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Net Studio. EasyRequest is based on the "Catalog" principle. Once the Catalogue is completed, it enables business users to easily understand the current access rights of their reports, whether it is appropriate to approve new access requests (what-if), or if the rights they are granting are correct for the job.

Bendinell illustrates the instance of SIA Spa, the European leader in the field of technological infrastructures for payments. The client wanted to maintain compliance standards and adopted an identity governance system to allow its managers the responsibility of assigning access to data to the people reporting to them.

“EasyRequest was born to enable business users to easily understand and manage IT requests without the support of IT or helpdesk.”

The client approached Net Studio that worked with them to understand their requirements, and implemented the project in three phases-assessment of remedying critical issues, structuring of the catalogue, and focusing on the risk management process. NetStudio helped the client’s business manager to understand the risk his approvals can generate at the time the decision is taken with the possible impact of compliance on his choices. In fact, with this project, Net Studio developed the interface as a software package known as EasyRequest.

Net Studio is soon going to uplevel EasyRequest with new features such as revealing the behaviour of users to the business owner, reporting any access risks due to the Segregation of Duties between all applications (only non-ERP), and due to local regulations such as the GDPR, ISO 27001 and others. “The final purpose is to enrich EasyRequest with several other features that can enable business users to get a complete and easy-to-understand landscape in regards of who-can-do-what,” says Bendinelli.

Over the last decade, Net Studio has been growing its revenue by 10-15 per cent yearly, gaining credibility in the large Enterprise market more than any other competitor in Italy—all thanks to EasyRequest. "The solution is evolving into a Digital Identity Universal Dashboard, and we are ready to deliver it over the European and U.S. markets soon," says Bendinelli.