Drones are rapidly evolving and have found applications across a wide range of industries, from agriculture to filmmaking. Owing to the high adaptability and flexibility of drones, enterprises are leveraging them to reshape business models and industry landscapes. Nevertheless, the real challenge lies in making it optimal for use. Enterprises may encounter difficulties in adhering to jurisdiction’s operating regulations, employing trained piloting, and dealing with mechanics of drone technology. As a resort, they are increasingly turning to the drone service vendors for the effective use of drones, which is leading to an exponential growth in the number of drone service providers in the market. However, only a handful of them can offer a holistic package of services that are customized to fulfill all the needs of customers.

Founded in 2016, My Drone Services, a company based in the Philippines, is one of its kind as it provides a comprehensive array of drone capabilities, ensuring high quality and competitive price.”We’re a passionate multinational team dedicated to providing commercial drone services safely, reliably and effectively—on-demand”, says its CEO, Bryce Mitchell. They give access to industry-best drones, coupled with services of trained pilots and operators. Besides, they provide a whole range of services like infrastructure inspection, monitoring and surveillance, disaster management, surveying, mapping, search and rescue, drone mitigation solutions and deterrence, agricultural drones, and many more. Being the experts in the domain, they also look after flight management, licenses, and product analytics of drones.

This company has been continuously introducing technological innovations in their solutions. For instance, they use self-flying smart security drones for the purpose of security monitoring. These drones, which are equipped with self-charging docks, can tirelessly patrol by creating an active network over vast landscapes and protecting it against any intrusion. Moreover, their drone security systems come with a software control dashboard, which assists in setting up security patrols and observing patrol footage.

We're a passionate multinational team dedicated to providing commercial drone services safely, reliably, and effectively—on-demand

This allows them to dispatch their drones immediately to any area, whenever a client calls for their service.

Nowadays, as drones are increasingly used in the commercial market, their potential unlawful usage introduces new security risks. Some spy drones come with industrial espionage capabilities, whereas, at times, harmless loss-of-control drones used for recreational purposes can cause dreadful accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to restrict the unauthorized flight of UAVs in the sky. Understanding this need, My Drone Services also offers drone mitigation and deterrence services. Applying their sophisticated proprietary algorithms, they monitor overall viable frequencies coming from intruding drones and also determine its location with GPS accuracy. Their drones emit countermeasure signals aimed specifically at the intruding drone and force them to land. However, sometimes, in crowded urban settings, instead of forcing them to land–these effective drone systems can turn the intruder aside. Moreover, when a critical defense problem arises, their team of manned patrols armed with rifles quickly deploys on-site.

My Drone Services has always been committed to offering such innovative and cutting-edge drone technology to clients; they have created a wide market space in the USA, Asia, and the Middle East.”My Drone Services is passionate about 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining top-flight professionalism and equipment in every environment,” adds Mitchell. Holding such values of innovation and customer focus, My Drone Services envisions to go forward in their journey further, as Mitchell concludes, “Our goal is to be our best every day.”