Glen Kucera, CEO, MSA SecurityGlen Kucera, CEO
From the Jersey shooting to the Oakland bombing, not a year goes by without some horrific event making headlines. It is enough to make people unsafe within their cities and towns, and sometimes, even their own homes. But to counter this fear, many ‘knights in shining armor’ are taking the gauntlet in establishing a modicum of safety. And foremost among them is the NY-based firm MSA Security (MSA). Since 1987, MSA Security has served as an industry leader in high consequence threat protection and specialized training for corporate and government clients. MSA banks on its skilled security professionals, who have diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, elite military units, counter-terrorism units, corporate security, as well as the public and private sector to provide unparalleled explosive detection, consulting, training, and perimeter security services.

The company combines hands-on expertise with information and technology to minimize its clients’ vulnerabilities and threats in order to protect their personnel and property. From training Explosive Detection Canines to identifying explosives for X-ray technicians, from intelligence analysis to corporate security and much more, MSA leaves no stone unturned to safeguard personnel, property, and peace of mind of its customers.

To begin with, MSA’s turnkey complete screening solution leverages perimeter security to protect property, people, and assets in high-profile threat environments. The company combines sophisticated IED detection equipment with customized X-ray screening as a part of its robust security plan to effectively detect potential threat items such as IEDs, guns, knives, and other types of contraband while entering a customer’s facility. MSA lets customers choose from its wide-spectrum range of equipment options ranging from small portable units suitable for checkpoint screening to large units capable of screening cargo pellets or vehicles.

With an uncompromised commitment to providing comprehensive, best-in-class training to its canines and handlers, MSA delivers an unrivaled and nationally-certified Windsor Team that keeps millions of people safe across the globe. Consistently meeting the highest certification standards that are specific and unique to multiple government agency clients, MSA Windsor Teams are well equipped for explosive detection work. The company’s bomb dogs are carefully-vetted carefully-vetted sporting breeds, selected for their keen sense of smell, drive, intelligence, stable temperament, and eagerness to please. MSA methodically trains, imprints, and empowers its dogs to detect the explosive odor and find out its source when presented in stationary forms, on a person, or in air. In fact, the MSA Windsor Teams work everywhere sniffing out potential threats from both stationary and mobile explosives in professional sports stadiums, airports, amphitheaters, cargo facilities, loading docks, and the list continues.
  • MSA methodically trains, imprints, and empowers its dogs to detect the explosive odor and find out its source when presented in stationary forms, on a person, or in air.

Rounding out its comprehensive service suite, the MSA Protected Services provides enhanced protection for high-profile individuals, venues, and events. The company’s operatives–armed or unarmed, positioned at checkpoints, venues, or personal locations–work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and design customized deployment plans that address a range of threats from active shooter incidents to unauthorized intrusions. In that regard, MSA’s specialized services have firmly cemented its position as one of the nation’s most trusted security providers.

Propelled by its accomplishments and contributions, MSA is all set to dominate the perimeter security landscape. The company’s network of skilled personnel and trainers ensures that its clients have access to the best protection services, whether it is preventative or active setups. Moving forward, MSA will continue enhancing its security strategies and thwarting the threats for terror groups or other organizations that pose a threat to its clients.