Alex Dow, Chief Innovation Officer, Mirai SecurityAlex Dow, Chief Innovation Officer
Business IT infrastructures are undergoing rapid digitalization, and inadvertently expanding the attack surface for cybercriminals. Tim Hortons App’s data breach is just one example of large and established organizations falling victim to cyberattacks during digital transformation and losing customer trust. Such repeating incidents serve as a stark reminder of the severity of the situation and the need to stay on top of the cybersecurity game.

The conventional approach to cybersecurity, which is more an afterthought than a core element of business objectives, is no longer sufficient to protect the evolving Cloud and IT infrastructure. Organizations need a company-wide security culture that fortifies the strategic cybersecurity pillars—people, processes, and technologies—to protect their businesses from modern cyber threats.

This is exactly what Mirai Security offers. The company is a full-stack cybersecurity consultancy focused on securing digital transformation and future risks that organizations face. The company is underpinned by its primary pillars of GRC, Cloud Security, and Secure Application Engineering, Security Operations, and Sustainment. Mirai is the first secure software engineering company in Canada, with several professional engineering (P.Eng) designated cybersecurity personnel in its workforce.

“We believe that cybersecurity is not a one-and-done process. It is a continuous orchestration of people, processes, and technology, which fosters a collective of like-minded individuals working proactively to protect their organization,” says Alex Dow, chief innovation officer, Mirai.

Mirai’s services are geared toward both startups and traditional companies undergoing digital transformation to take advantage of the bleeding-edge technologies. The company understands that organizations are most vulnerable when introducing new technologies into traditional infrastructure, culture, and skillset. Mirai ensures that their ‘big change’ is sustainable in the long run. As organizations adopt emerging technologies to digitally revolutionize their business, Mirai incorporates robust security controls into their development projects from the get-go, ensuring the protection of IT infrastructure and data during and after the digital transformation. The company effectively becomes an extended cybersecurity arm for its clients, equipping them with the best people, processes, and technologies needed to better manage evolving cyber risks.

The cloud security services include meticulous assessment of the cloud infrastructure and data security, where Mirai identifies vulnerabilities and shortcomings that can lead to a security breach. Mirai leverages security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities to fill any security gaps and ensure continuous compliance with relevant privacy legislation.The company’s added measure of incident response strategy further enhances the ability of its clients to detect, contain, and eradicate cybersecurity incidents as they occur, while recovering their affected business processes.

Mirai also ensures that its clients integrate security into their IT and cloud infrastructure at a foundational level. By conducting security assessments and penetration tests on applications and software, the company identifies security gaps and facilitates immediate remediation. During the software development lifecycle, Mirai follows a DevSecOps approach to facilitate seamless collaboration between development and security operations, making cybersecurity a shared responsibility among all stakeholders. This enables Mirai’s clients to recognize, prioritize, and address vulnerabilities when designing, updating, and integrating new software applications.
  • We believe that cybersecurity is not a one-and-done process. It is a continuous orchestration of people, processes, and technology, which fosters a collective of like-minded individuals working proactively to protect their organization

Mirai’s cybersecurity consultation expertise also aids in turning a company’s employees into their strongest line of defense by cyber-training them to anticipate, mitigate, and defend against sophisticated cyberattacks. Employees are pivotal to the effectiveness of a cybersecurity solution. Mirai assigns appropriate cybersecurity roles and empowers them to actively reduce the attack surface, prevent cyberattacks, and bolster the defense of their organization’s cloud and IT infrastructure.

The company’s competencies can be clearly grasped from a recent instance. A 100-year-old mining company in Canada recently sought Mirai’s help to implement effective cybersecurity risk management for all its digitalization and automation projects. Mirai validated every step of the technology development process and incorporated robust security controls to eliminate any vulnerability and ensure worker safety. Despite its increasingly connected work environment, the mining company is equipped to avert potential attacks and tackle cyber threats associated with digitizing high-risk environments. By positioning its cybersecurity program as a differentiator, the client has also gained a competitive advantage in the mining sector.

Apart from many such successes, Mirai has helped numerous organizations deploy rapid incident response measures after a breach, enabling them to reduce the “blast radius” of the attack. By quickly remediating the situation, Mirai saves companies from irreparable damages and gets that back in business.

Mirai, as its name in Japanese suggests, is a company focused on the future of cybersecurity. Having conducted large-scale cybersecurity projects for government organizations and private enterprises, the company has witnessed almost every type of nuanced cyberattack. The company continues to dedicate over 10 percent of its time to innovation and enables clients to keep up with the highly dynamic threat landscape.

Cybersecurity risk isn’t static. Mirai equips its clients with the best cyber defense practices to prepare for potential breaches and overcome them unscathed.