Christopher Germain, Founder and CEO, Maverick Gardner Information Technologies & SolutionsChristopher Germain, Founder and CEO
A well-rounded cybersecurity framework is the ultimate defense for managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients in the battle against supply chain attacks. By exploiting trust relationships between an organization and external parties, supply chain hackers can victimize companies across industries. If one customer or MSP in a network is compromised, the security posture of all clients is threatened.

While large and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are susceptible to the devastating consequences of such an attack, SMBs suffer the most. They have a soft underbelly for cybercriminals as they lack a strong security posture and the resources to protect themselves. Attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities of SMBs, infiltrate the core of critical systems, and amplify the damage of a single security breach.

Is there a way out?

According to Toronto-based Maverick Gardner Information Technologies & Solutions, there is.

With a strategic focus on security, Maverick Gardner equips SMBs with high quality, enterprise-grade IT solutions and tools to fortify their defenses in a dynamic threat landscape. The company has emerged as a security-first MSP, helping SMBs that often don’t know how to go about selecting the right solutions for internal IT operations and step up their cybersecurity game.

Maverick Gardner proactively mitigates security risks with its end-to-end IT and security solutions to drive better business results for clients. The company offers a wide range of digital systems for endpoint security management and data security, security software and hardware, remote monitoring services, and security awareness training.

“As a premier MSP of choice, we have established enduring relationships with clients, offering them secure and holistic solutions,” says Christopher Germain, Founder and CEO of Maverick Gardner Information Technologies and Solutions.

Making a Difference with a Security Oriented Approach

Maverick Gardener demonstrates its security-first mindset from the get-go, ensuring that clients adhere to its baseline policies that specify the necessary security thresholds before onboarding them. Many MSPs allow clients to waive having a proper endpoint detection and response (EDR) system, which can lead to a supply chain attack and affect all the companies in an MSP’s network.

Maverick Gardner nips this problem in the bud by performing an audit of the existing software and hardware used by a potential client. It checks if the SMB has an EDR system, a hardware firewall, unified threat management software, intrusion detection and prevention system, built-in email protection, DNS filtering, and multifactor authentication for cloud services and VPN connections. All are baseline requirements.

If the client does not have the requisite systems in place, Maverick Gardner advises them on how to beef up their security posture and seal the cracks in their network. If the SMB is already using robust security systems, the company augments them with its offerings. Tapping into the power of proactive and automated tools, Maverick Gardner provides the right solution to prevent any security incident.

“We intend to be the most trusted MSP in the market by providing quality, trusted products and solution, and establish ourselves as a strong authority in an industry that lacks proactive and security minded MSPs. We want to be a part of that breakaway,” says Germain.

As a premier MSP of choice, we have established enduring relationships with clients, offering them secure and holistic solutions

Maverick Gardner has also enrolled in the Controlled Goods Program (CGP)—a registration and compliance program that regulates access to military-controlled goods in Canada—to offer solutions to customers who require vendor compliance.

With its value-driven solutions, Maverick Gardner is steadfast in its commitment to rescue victimized SMBs from the clutches of damage caused by cyberattacks and help them keep their business afloat.

Empowering SMBs with Awareness, Education, and Training

Maverick Gardner’s excellence is due in large part to the solid relationship it has built with elite security partners. Working in close collaboration with its partners, the company creates secure, hardened solutions across the board. The company integrates the best technologies offered by its partners into its core tools for easy deployment, management, and utilization.

Drawing on extensive research, the Maverick Gardner team sources well-rounded educational and awareness programs from top-tier security vendors with a contemporary, gamified approach. Employees are the first line of defense and can make the most out of the training programs when concepts and cybersecurity facts are presented in an engaging way.

Maverick Gardner utilizes every possible opportunity to initiate conversations around cybersecurity awareness with its network and community through marketing efforts, customer engagement, and blogs. Whether it is a phishing email or a suspicious call to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, robust cybersecurity awareness and training programs can help clients proactively respond to any cybersecurity incident and ensure business continuity. Maverick Gardner works with additional business partners that deliver support and incident response for server-specific hardware events.

Unparalleled It Expertise—Ingredient for Maverick Gardner’s Success

Maverick Gardner’s passion for equipping customers with winning solutions and a strong educational framework is driven by its customer-centric attitude and a team of knowledgeable professionals. The company develops meaningful relationships with clients, diligently answering the simplest questions and guiding them throughout their IT journey.
  • We intend to be the most trusted MSP in the market by providing quality, trusted products and solutions

To augment its team and nurture fresh, innovative ideas, Maverick Gardner partnered with educational institutions during the peak of the pandemic to provide co-op opportunities for students and onboard up-and coming industry professionals. These young, budding cybersecurity professionals provide the Maverick Gardner team with immediate feedback on their offerings.

Great Strides toward a Successful Future

To sustain its growth streak, Maverick Gardner is expanding its footprint in the cybersecurity space. The company is building its own secured data center and inventory to help clients deploy and manage solutions on site.

Maverick Gardner is also building an expertly trained internal cybersecurity incident response team that will stay on top of changing market trends and ensure the use of tools that meet today’s requirements. By strengthening its internal operations, the company is planning to eventually become a 24/7 cybersecurity operation center.

While cutting through the noise around security technologies and continuing to support SMBs, Maverick Gardner is actively working toward building a community of MSPs. The company recently joined the MSP Alliance, a certification body that is also the world’s largest industry association for cloud computing and managed service professionals. With the help of MSP Alliance’s compliance tools and audits, the Maverick Gardner team aims to ensure transparency in operations.

Maverick Gardner plans on providing digital solutions for penetration testing and conducting red team/blue team exercises. The company intends to perform physical and digital security audits for larger businesses to ensure that their current IT solutions are competent, meet their future needs, and are scaled as needed. All in all, Maverick Gardner is geared to maintain its impeccable reputation in the industry as an MSP known for its integrity and top notch security solutions.