Andrew Howard, CEO, Kudelski Security (KUD: SWX)Andrew Howard, CEO
With advanced technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence defining the course of the digital world, organizations are experiencing growing disruption in the form of cyber security threats. While the proliferation of connected devices has resulted in remarkable productivity and efficiency gains, it has also made previously inaccessible infrastructure systems vulnerable to attack by a variety of malevolent parties with diverse motives. To safeguard their key infrastructure functionality from such mayhem, organizations are taking actions to build resilience into their system. As a leader in providing intelligent cyber security solutions to enterprises, Kudelski Security offers tailored cyber security solutions to a growing base of global enterprises and public sector institutions. Its mission is to help large enterprise and public-sector clients build, deploy and manage effective security programs aligned to their business objectives. Driven by the vision of purposeful innovation, Kudelski Security is equipped with advanced labs and innovation centers that conceive cutting-edge solutions to resolve the latest cyber security challenges.

“Our vision is to challenge the cyber security status quo, uniting world-class consulting, innovation, managed services, and technologies to deliver real business outcomes for our clients focused on increasing confidence, cyber-resilience, and protection of data across their digital ecosystem, globally,” mentions Andrew Howard, Chief Executive Officer of Kudelski Security.

Since the genesis of the Kudelski Group in 1951, the company has been proactively engaged in developing ground-breaking technology in the areas of video encryption, digital television, and public access, bringing powerful solutions to market all over the globe. In 2012, it launched Kudelski Security as a natural extension of its digital activities.


Kudelski Security partners with clients to enhance their cyber confidence, threat immunity, and data protection through comprehensive consulting, technology engagements, managed security services, and the ability to innovate to create new capabilities. The company’s consulting program identifies security loopholes in the client’s system and then addresses client priorities using a mix of technology, support services, and managed security services delivered via Cyber Fusion Centers. From strategic program management to intensive device testing, Kudelski Security helps build world-class cyber security programs for its clients. With regard to the rampant nature of cyber-attacks, it has propelled businesses to embrace a periodic approach to validate security controls and identify vulnerabilities in their networks. Kudelski Security’s suite of Penetration Testing and Offensive Security services helps to expose and remediate vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them. Their customized penetration testing services and team engagements meet the unique security needs to assess and strengthen an organization’s security posture.
Using the guidance of the Client Advisory Council, a community of experienced CISOs from the United States and Europe, Kudelski Security developed Secure Blueprint, a proprietary cyber management platform that guides meaningful security investments. This SaaS-based platform enables security leaders to align security strategies with business drivers and allows them to measure cyber program maturity across modern cybersecurity control models.

In association with device manufacturers and technology services providers across industries, Kudelski Security supports clients at every stage of the product or solution lifecycle to get IoT security right. Its IoT Center of Excellence leverages world-class expertise in cryptography and device protection to deliver security design and assessments. In addition, The IoT Security Enablement Platform facilitates the creation and implementation of robust hardware and software security as well as key management. Apart from this, Kudelski Security’s crypto services reach target security levels through a range of services that include code, design, and product review audits. The company also caters to custom algorithm design, cryptographic algorithm implementation, and training. Leveraging Advanced Labs and research capabilities, the company develops high-assurance, agile solutions to make complex IT, IoT, and OT environments more efficient supporting business growth and strengthening security posture.

Kudelski Security MSS (Managed Security Services) reduces the complexity of managing security in a modern workplace. Delivered from the company’s Cyber Fusion Centers, (CFC) services are personalized and based on deep base-line knowledge of the client’s context. Providing full threat visibility and data protection across endpoint, IT, cloud, and OT/ICS environments, Kudelski Security delivers faster threat detection and more rapid response. Moreover, Kudelski Security’s turnkey managed detection and response service, MDR ONE, built on XDR architecture, is suitable for cloud-forward or mid-size organizations that aim for focused threat detection, hunting, and response. This all-in-one, cloud-native solution, which includes tech and services, eliminates up-front investments and accelerates time to value.


Every industry encounters its own set of security challenges. A thorough grasp of an industry’s cyber history and threat landscape is required for developing and maintaining effective cyber security plans. Kudelski Security provides nothing but the best security solutions and services to enterprise customers across a wide range of industries.
The company helps customers define, build, and manage powerful, business-focused cyber security programs that address their most pressing cyber threats and challenges. Financial services are one of the sectors that are heavily targeted by advanced security threats. As a reliable partner to the world’s largest banks and financial institutions, Kudelski Security’s Cyber Fusion Center provides 24/7 protection against the latest, most advanced cyber threats. The company works with them to enhance their security posture by systematically reducing the attack surface, strengthening weak points, and providing efficient threat detection and response.

Furthermore, cyber security in the arena of the government sector is equally essential to protect large, complex networks and infrastructures. Kudelski Security also extends cyber security solutions for world, federal, state, and local government bodies in the United States and Europe, assuring the security of their data and assets eliminating the need for expensive in-house security facilities.
  • Our vision is to challenge the cyber security status quo, uniting world-class consulting, innovation, managed services, and technologies to deliver real business outcomes for our clients

Kudelski Security also indulges in security device management and support services to assist businesses in configuring, integrating, and maintaining security devices throughout their lifecycle to ensure optimal performance and quick incident resolution. For security directors who need to keep costs and complexity under control, outsourcing security device administration and support is a flexible choice.

With decades of experience in the field of cyber security solutions, Kudelski Security has been bestowed with endless accolades and awards for its contributions and achievements in the field of cyber security solution providers. For instance, Kudelski Security has been recognized 5 Consecutive times in Gartner’s Market Guide for Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services. Divulging cyber security solutions, with offices in Switzerland and across the United States, Kudelski Security strives toward innovation every day.