P. Erik Jones, Director of Strategic Advisory, Iron Vine SecurityP. Erik Jones, Director of Strategic Advisory
As more and more organizations fall victim to cyber-attacks and breaches, cybersecurity is fast becoming a top concern for organizations large and small. Businesses struggle to inventory and protect proprietary and customer data, often resulting in devastating and embarrassing compromises. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust all industries into the digital age, leaving many to rethink or even create a cybersecurity strategy on the fly. To stop breaches and quickly detect malicious activity, organizations must adopt a comprehensive approach to determine their risk profile, identify threats, and address vulnerabilities. Washington, D.C.-based Iron Vine Security, a respected name in the global cybersecurity community, develops full-scale security programs that enable organizations to meet these modern-day security challenges. “Our approach is focused on helping our clients understand the big picture and build programs that continuously monitor their operations and identify vulnerabilities,” begins P. Erik Jones, Director of Strategic Advisory at Iron Vine Security.

Iron Vine brings a holistic approach to cybersecurity and offers multidimensional capabilities, including security assessment, cybersecurity program development, and cloud infrastructure security to the federal government, healthcare and financial institutions, and international enterprises. It employs its unique security operations methodology built on industry best practices and Iron Vine’s years of experience to develop comprehensive security programs that meet each of its client’s unique requirements. Using this methodology, Iron Vine can fully assess a client’s operations, determine the tools and skills that complement their security architecture, identify the challenges and deficiencies in their cybersecurity policies and processes, and provide best-in-class technical solutions.

Unlike other cybersecurity companies, Iron Vine emphasizes security policies and processes as part of its risk management framework at the core of its holistic approach. It conducts vulnerability scanning, inventory management, incident response and deploys solutions that complement each other to ultimately meet each client’s security objectives. In the cybersecurity world, what works well today may not work well tomorrow—requiring organizations to constantly adapt their security policies as needed. Iron Vine continuously evaluates the latest trends in cybersecurity and enables clients to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Our approach is focused on helping our clients comprehend the big picture and help them continuously monitor their operations and identify vulnerabilities

Organizations often view cybersecurity as a compliance checklist requiring a minimum score. Iron Vine collaborates closely with its clients to not only meet compliance goals but to make security a critical business function that enables overall organizational success. Iron Vine’s approach is to develop comprehensive and holistic security programs that go beyond simply meeting compliance goals but also genuinely improve an organization’s security posture. A byproduct of this approach is that compliance goals are quickly met and exceeded. “Nothing is invisible to hackers, as they can exploit any flaw. Even though our clients’ cyber risk scores may go down, the more issues we uncover, the more we can resolve. That is our stance on evaluating our client’s everyday operations,” adds Erik.

Iron Vine’s dedication to its employees is a key differentiator amongst its peers, and the numbers reflect it—a 90% retention rate across all contracts. Iron Vine’s teams aren’t simply skilled cybersecurity experts, they’re cybersecurity enthusiasts who truly enjoy their field. Iron Vine’s founders wanted to build the company they always wanted to work for. The firm’s mission to enhance its client’s cybersecurity programs isn’t limited to deploying cutting-edge technology but also proactively growing and enabling its staff to “perfect their craft”—a key driver for Iron Vine’s successful deployments. The company offers generous educational and training opportunities, unrivalled amongst competing firms. It ensures that the team is enthusiastic about helping clients meet their goals now and far into the future. Iron Vine strongly believes that happy employees lead to happy clients and the results speak for themselves. The company was recently selected as one of Baltimore’s Top Workplaces in 2020, a reflection of its employee-focused culture.

Iron Vine’s distinctive approach, combined with industry experts like Erik Jones are what enable it to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients. One client was struggling with their vulnerability management program and turned to Iron Vine for help. Working closely with the client, Iron Vine not only addressed the client’s issues but even improved the program as a whole. The team accomplished this not by using a cookie-cutter solution but instead by collaborating with the client—understanding the environment and requirements and then building a solution tailored specifically to its needs. While Iron Vine may build custom solutions for clients, its teams are all driven by a common purpose. “We don’t want to deviate from our core values, missions, and capabilities. We will stay the course and provide enthusiastic cybersecurity specialists to our clients and drive their success,” concludes Erik.