Richard McLain, CEO and Joshua Smith, CFO, INERichard McLain, CEO and Joshua Smith, CFO
Cyberattacks are limitless, but cybersecurity awareness is limited. Even though organizations understand the importance of cybersecurity awareness, their programs are primarily mere ‘check the boxes’ kind with not enough hands-on experience of the real world. Such programs are power point driven with a limited capability to track an employee’s progress of the tutorial. According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, Phishing and Credential Stuffing have been the top two attacks in the past five years, resulting in billions of dollars in organizations’ losses. These attacks are preventable by employing state-of-the-art cybersecurity awareness training, and companies like Cary-based INE can help organizations provide such training modules.

The assessments and phishing simulations are built in to get hands-on with identifying malicious emails or spots. Admins can schedule the simulated phishing email, which looks like it is coming from Amazon or Facebook and when an employee clicks that email, the simulation flags that employee as someone susceptible to phishing scams.

In addition to the free Cyber Security Awareness Training platform INE provides to businesses, INE provides a host of instructor-led videos, learning paths, quizzes, and hands-on exercises to both organizations and individuals. “The focus is on imparting education throughout the client’s organization and placing career development as a real cornerstone,” says Richard McLain, CEO, INE. “We are providing pathways and opportunities for employees to be upskilled and gain knowledge in networking, cybersecurity, cloud and data science.” The company has developed practical training modules and hands-on experience to avoid the popular notion of “death by power point.”

The instructor-led training content is created in-house by experts who have been working in the cybersecurity space. This content is updated as per the changing cyber threat scenarios. The company has set a high standard for itself and ensures that it meets the standard and is uniform across all the materials. Once someone completes the on-demand video lectures, they will then be taken to INE’s unique Virtual Lab environment for hands-on experience.

INE has developed a cyber-attack range which is a virtual playground for their cybersecurity training. There is a virtual network of virtual hosts of Windows machines and Linux machines, and the employees have tasks within the platform to either attack or defend those various machines on the network. The company has gone a step further and invested in networking equipment, and trainees are required to log into routers, switch, do configurations, and set QoS on physical equipment. Now comes the time of testing the knowledge gained from the program.
  • The focus is on imparting education throughout the client’s organization and placing career development as a real cornerstone,” says Richard McLain, CEO, INE

The content is designed to target certification, and currently, INE offers 14 industry-recognized certifications in the cybersecurity space. That’s what Patryk Tyniec’s team members are currently pursuing. Tyniec is a software engineer at Motorola Solutions. Tyniec found about INE via a blog post by one of INE expert instructors Piotr Lapukov. He informed his team members about INE’s cybersecurity program. Tyniec tracks his team’s progress, and through stats, he can gauge the progress of a team member in training. “INE aids in tasks and projects at work, in helping to better understand how to resolve a problem. INE’s Multicast videos have been that resource in that regard,” says Tyniec. The training has helped one of the team members pass the CCIE RS certification, and Tyniec himself is getting ready for his exam later this year.

“It is constant reinvestment in new content to keep up with the ever-changing market and remain at the forefront of the training material,” says Joshua Smith, CFO, INE. The state-of-the-art cybersecurity awareness module is free for organizations.