Wolfgang Kurz, Managing Director, and Founder, Indevis GmbHWolfgang Kurz, Managing Director, and Founder
As the world progressively becomes more and more digitalized, protecting sensitive data from cyber attackers is becoming increasingly difficult. Businesses in the new age struggle with challenges that replete the global tech arena, such as malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle, SQL injection, and many more. Riding on the coattails of these challenges are Managed Security Service providers that offer their 24*7 system monitoring and cyber security services and help vulnerable companies to steer ahead of unpredictable attacks. These third-party security service providers function as an extended part of their client’s cybersecurity teams and, in some cases, function as outsourced cybersecurity experts. A behemoth in Europe’s Managed Security Services domain transforming the region’s cybersecurity landscape is indevis. The ISO-27001 certified IT consulting, and solutions firm offers a wide range of IT, data center, and network security services and is flanked by several cybersecurity experts.

Founded in 1999, the München-based TÜV-certified indevis GmbH has been offering its services in data access, data storage, infrastructure, and data exchange. Since its inception, security has been the cornerstone of indevis’ operations. With a mission to ensure security in a networked world, the company protects its customers’ digital business processes with smart technologies and operations. indevis ensures that organizations across industries leverage the added value of complex and innovative IT services and enhance the security aspects of their day-to-day activities. To achieve this, indevis offers its technology as a managed security service—multi-cloud-based or on-premise services that efficiently address the nuances faced by businesses in the increasingly digital environments.

Indevis’ managed security service (MSS) are highly cost-effective and reliable alternatives to the complex, independent in-house operations prevalent today. Its clients can outsource part of or all of their security operations to indevis and enhance their security stature. indevis’ teams not only cover the provisions and operations of individual IT security tools but also develop customized end-to-end solutions for the clients’ specific needs. These network solutions and infrastructure are then professionally and securely managed by indevis.

Companies no longer are required to confront the technical complexities of their cybersecurity strategies and can delegate the provisions, integrations, configurations, operations, monitoring, and support to indevis. The company also trains clients’ IT professionals and helps them in effectively implementing their security policies. indevis has adorned its services and solutions with high levels of customization, empowering businesses to flexibly adapt to the dynamic local and international standards. Each of its clients’ networks is provided with countless subnets and IP addresses, making it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to track their activities. indevis protects the IT infrastructures from currently prevalent threats and future-proofs them by incorporating the latest security protocols. In addition to the MSS, indevis also offers IT compliance services.
  • Indevis has adorned its services and solutions with high levels of customization, empowering businesses to flexibly adapt to the dynamic local and international standards.

indevis comprehensively covers the adherence to and control of all legal, internal, and contractual regulations regarding a company’s IT infrastructure. indevis offers these services as part of its ISO / IEC 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). The company recently received a major investment from HQ Equity, and as part of its latest endeavors, indevis is expanding its portfolio with new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Considering its innovative services and long-term relationships with its clients, which is significantly reflected in its high SLA loyalty and customer satisfaction, it is evident that indevis is en route to becoming a venerated player in the global IT sector and will expand its geographical footprint in the upcoming years.