Didier Trutt, CEO, IN GroupeDidier Trutt, CEO
The boundaries of the physical and digital worlds are narrowing every day, giving rise to new use cases and needs that rely on the identities and rights of citizens, employees, devices, and even objects. As identity is becoming the cornerstone of the new digital life, it has become imminent for organizations to focus on security and secure identities to stay resilient. That’s where IN Groupe is committed to making clients’ operations easier by preserving integrity and continuity and ensuring they are ready for future challenges. The European leader in identity, digital services, and secure transactions secures society by enabling trusted services for states, companies, citizens, employees, and devices. This enables clients to respond to their rapidly changing business needs and digital transformation in an increasingly regulated environment.

At its core, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services at the cutting-edge of technology, integrating electronics, optics, and biometrics. “We are driven by the conviction that your identity, data, and assets must be protected. We ensure that all your exchanges and transactions remain secure, both in the physical and digital worlds, so that each and every one can assert their right to live with complete confidence and peace of mind,” says Didier Trutt, the CEO of IN Groupe.

We ensure that all your exchanges and transactions remain secure, both in the physical and digital worlds, so that each and every one can assert their right to live with complete confidence and peace of mind

From components to services, including identity documents and interoperable systems, IN Groupe helps States and businesses exercise their sovereignty, protect citizens’ identities, and preserve the integrity of companies. “Irrespective of the challenge, IN Groupe, a digital sovereignty company, helps each person assert a fundamental right: the right to be Yourself,” states Mr. Trutt. The Group operates three affiliated brands: SPS for electronic components, surveys for optical and holographic security, and Nexus for corporate digital identity solutions and IOT, whose technologies are market leaders. Further, IN Groupe also offers Nexus Smart ID Corporate PKI platform—a flexible and scalable solution—that ensures seamless configuration, customization, and migration.

IN Groupe places data protection and respect for privacy at the heart of its innovation—thanks to its constant Privacy by design approach. Forging together digital identity, acceptability, control, and trust, the Group deploys a vision of data protection and clearly European identity. This is a major difference on the international scene. In an instance, Airbus Digital Trust Solution (ADTS) has chosen Nexus Smart ID to enhance its information security processes through a state-of-the-art corporate PKI (public-key infrastructure) platform. Through Smart ID, ADTS also has access to flexible options for virtual smart cards to support mobile smart devices as well as high security physical smart cards. “We manage all types of credentials in our systems. Smart cards, USB tokens, Mobile virtual smart cards and Laptop based virtual smart cards etc.” mentions Mr. Trutt. In addition, customers can use the platform to manage identities for their workplace devices.

IN Groupe’s reference markets cover legal identity, digital trust, transaction security, and IoT. The Group benefits in these markets from generally favorable structural trends, driven by the digital transition and supported by national, regional, and international policies and regulations. They have also developed a dedicated Digital Services business unit integrating and operating high-tech components built by Nexus. It is combined with tailored IN Groupe platforms, based on knowledge accumulated for European regulated public and private organisations. “Our European legacy, respect for personal data and privacy are the keys to our success,” concludes Mr. Trutt.