Scott Piercey President, IMagosoft Identity Management SolutionsScott Piercey President
“Who has access to what?” The solution to this question—Identity and Access Management (IAM)—has evolved as the cornerstone of enterprise security. However, organizations often treat IAM implementation as an easy, one-time project and don’t scale it to align with their ever-changing organizational goals. In today’s world of frequent data breaches, it’s crucial to meticulously select an IAM solution, properly implement, and regularly update it to preempt the possibility of inappropriate access. A sturdy IAM setup is all the more essential, with the Canadian Bill 198 mandating stringent internal and external audits.

A company that excels in this space is IMagosoft Identity Management Solutions, a leading IAM specialist in Canada.

Founded in 2016, IMagosoft is the brainchild of industry experts Scott Piercey and Farren Malo, who have extensive experience implementing and managing IAM solutions. The firm holds partnership with SailPoint, enabling it to offer services that include license reselling, solution implementation, and managed services. IMagosoft proudly differentiates itself from other resellers with their in-house consultants and a professional implementation team with the products they promote.

IMagosoft can assist clients at any point in the IAM lifecycle. Clients typically seek their help during the initial phase; selecting an IAM toolset. IMagosoft assesses clients’ needs and identifies inefficiencies and gaps in their current environment. The firm then guides them to choose IAM tools ideal for their unique requirements and follows up with solution implementation. IMagosoft doesn’t recommend or resell products they can’t implement. They have a perfect track record when it comes to implementing IAM tools, making them a sought-after specialist in this space.

“Our clients are getting a partner that will help them choose the right-fit tools, as well as an implementation specialist,” says Piercey.

To help clients stay relevant and competitive when it comes to their IAM investments, IMagosoft offers managed services. It provides a unique service model for Greenfield implementation once the solution is in place.
It inspects their solution performance monthly and makes necessary changes. The firm even devises an IAM roadmap and a maturity model for businesses to account for future growth without compromising enterprise security.

IMagosoft’s end-to-end IAM service model enables them to cater to companies in different industries, including banking and finance, software, airlines, construction, automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, health services, petrochemical and heavy machinery. Malo shares an instance where one of their clients struggled with an inefficient identity management system. It affected productivity across the enterprise. Most employees faced log-in issues and the number of help desk calls increased significantly, impacting them financially. The client also struggled to provide on-time information for internal and external audits. Pressed for time, IMagosoft increased its resources and worked with the client to cut scope to implement bottom line requirements. As a result, the client successfully migrated to SailPoint in time for its audit cycle. Later, the firm did the full implementation, enabling the customer to benefit from a comprehensive IAM system that greatly reduced its technical issues.
  • Our clients are getting a partner that will help them choose the right-fit tools, as well as an implementation specialist

IMagosoft has established itself as a premier solution provider across Western Canada. Today, IMagosoft has expanded its services into North American locations. Another unique differentiator is that the firm gets most of its projects from client referrals.

Being remote-first, IMagosoft discerns itself with a workforce not limited by distance. With the pandemic-induced remote/hybrid work environment and specialists the new norm, enterprise security has moved beyond physical walls. Adopting a powerful IAM setup with the help of specialists like IMagosoft just makes sense.