Steven Taylor, President & CEO, Ignite TechnologySteven Taylor, President & CEO
At par with the rapid growth of cybersecurity solutions, cybercriminals have become smarter, developing novel ways to compromise organizational assets and hold those same assets for ransom. But unfortunately, in an attempt to combat cyber threats, organizations fall into the trap of a fear-based strategy, ultimately building disparate security programs solely on the basis of their cybersecurity vendor’s suggestions. This panic buying of cyber defense solutions without a cyber resiliency plan hinders businesses from efficiently securing their organizational assets against sophisticated cyber threats.

Ignite Technology is on a mission to eliminate this fear-based strategy and assist organizations in becoming more resilient in defending their organizational assets. Through its precautionary and assessment-led outlook toward cybersecurity, Ignite Technology is alerting companies to the possible exposures in their security infrastructure and consequently devising cybersecurity postures.

“In a world where cybercriminals are getting smarter, we are empowering companies to adapt, recover, remediate, and learn from security breaches and tailor their cybersecurity programs based on those experiences,” says Steven Taylor, President & CEO of Ignite Technology.

The company maintains a 360-degree protection strategy to help clients respond effectively before, during, and after a cybersecurity breach and get their operations back up and running quickly.

“Our 360-degree protection strategy consists of an all-encompassing engagement with the client—starting from technological adoption to cybersecurity education to supporting them throughout the entire process of deploying new tools or methodologies for strengthening their security system,” says Shawn Edwards, Director of Security Operations at Ignite Technology.

The highly skilled team of cybersecurity experts at Ignite Technology embarks on a consultative journey with a company’s leadership team to audit their current cybersecurity strategy. This helps to build a realistic roadmap of the areas of improvement in their security infrastructure.Instead of leading their customers to buy point solutions, Ignite Technology helps them procure integrated solutions to create a seamless network of security systems within the organization. Ignite Technology also specializes in compliance and certification for various cybersecurity assessments. It ensures that companies stay up to date with all regulatory guidelines to easily navigate market complexities across different countries.

In case a client faces some challenges while kickstarting their cyber resilience program, Ignite Technology goes all out to guide them through the implementation process. Whether it is about providing additional information or resources to help them in their cybersecurity journey or recommending appropriate toolsets. Ignite Technology leaves no stone unturned to support its clients all along the way to ensure a robust security infrastructure.

We are empowering companies to adapt, recover, remediate, and learn from security breaches and tailor their cybersecurity programs based on those experiences

In one instance, Ignite Technology helped one of its clients successfully venture into the U.S. market as a certified cybersecurity service provider. Based out of Canada, the client was unable to get certifications to provide their services for the U.S. Department of Defense. This was when Ignite Technology was onboarded. Initiating its assessment-led strategy, Ignite Technology enabled the board of directors at the software company to align their offerings with the terms and conditions of the certification process and set out on their multi-year business expansion journey. This ultimately helped the client in navigating through the complexities of entering a new market and becoming a certified cybersecurity service provider compliant to all the country-specific regulatory guidelines.

Ignite Technology is backed by a highly talented workforce adept in engineering, architectural, and security building skills that have aided the company in becoming what it is today. With an aim to expand its workforce, Ignite Technology is now looking to initiate cybersecurity programs in various colleges to recruit young, bright minds. As the cybersecurity industry in Canada grows at a rapid pace, Ignite Technology will continue helping businesses proactively prepare against any security challenges and fearlessly protect their precious organizational assets for the foreseeable future.