Milan Hynek, Product Hubs Director and Member of TOP Management, idGuard Milan Hynek, Product Hubs Director and Member of TOP Management
The digitalization of businesses cannot wait, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. With digital come the expectations of great customer experience, and customer due diligence is crucial. However, there is a dark side to these developments. Increasing online processing of sensitive customer data has opened the floodgates of new fraudulent activities and transactions. Despite numerous online checks employed by businesses, fraudsters find ways to exploit national ID cards, passports, social security cards, driver’s licenses, and green cards. Online attackers use photoshopped images, 2D and 3D face masks, deepfakes, synthetic identity creation, fake or stolen identity documents to outsmart the identity verification measures in place. In the backdrop of heightened online threats and frequent penalty due to non-compliance, companies need to rehash their identity management measures for their business to thrive.

idGuard is a cloud-based online identity verification service designed for businesses to eliminate the worries in onboarding clients, partners, and employees. Established by Unicorn, a renowned European IT systems and solutions company operating since 1990, idGuard is built on innovative biometrics technology, Digital Onboarding Toolkit by Innovatrics, which is trusted by many worldwide governments and large enterprises for biometric identification solutions. Innovatrics technology is based on open architecture and allows smooth integration with other systems, avoiding vendor lock-in. Combining the power of Innovatrics as well as IoT, mobile, and cloud, idGuard offers an identity management service that aligns with a business’s specific needs. In few clicks, users can define their terms of the verification process, documents required for each supported country, and level of biometric verification, among many others, which gives a glimpse of the flexibility the service offers.

You can use idGuard as a standalone solution or as a supplement in a more complex process of the customer because the business of our clients is often very different, and so are their requirements for verification processes

“You can use idGuard as a standalone security measure or as an add-on check point in a more complex identity management process. We understand that businesses are very different from one another and so are their requirements for identity verification,” says Milan Hynek, Product Hubs Director and Member of TOP Management, Unicorn.

idGuard is built on uuApp Framework, a unique software development framework that consists of a complex set of tools, preloaded threat patterns, and security principles. Thanks to the integration with different external data sources, users can share crucial information with relevant stakeholders, and additional checks can be performed to make the verification process if required.

Using idGuard is easy. To begin with, the person under verification is prompted to share a selfie and scanned ID card(s). The selfie is matched with the photo on IDs. As an additional security layer, the person’s presence in front of the live camera is verified. However, clients can tweak the process workflow to fit their business needs.

“Users can employ a wide range of enquiry settings on an incoming identity verification request. This reduces the danger of online fraud instances,” says Hynek. Also, it is possible to modify the behaviour of the verification process, like the minimum required face matching, the threshold of liveness check, the maximum number of repetitions of individual steps, and many more. The verification workflow is fully responsive, which allows users to use any device with a camera. “Once users define the behavior and parameters of the entire identification process, verification can be completed in just two minutes,” says Hynek. idGuard’s clients can also use their business logo and tweak the branding accordingly.
Backed by Innovatrics, idGuard can be expected to provide more features and flexibility in the future. “We will soon introduce a completely new mechanism of liveness check, support of a word-wide set of the documents/IDs, and a new manual verification process to handle all extraordinary situations,” concludes Hynek.