“A chain is as strong as the weakest link.”

This quote rings true for every scenario in an organisation, particularly security. Enterprises seeking to strengthen their security around data and digital assets must face a bitter truth: the weakest link in the security chain is the people of an organisation. Hackers prey on the flaws of the people—the element that holds up the pyramid of People-Process-Technology. While the “people” aspect remains a fertile field for bad actors, most security administrators with access to servers, firewalls, network gear, business applications and databases continue to overlook password best practices, which can result in compromising of credentials and a threat to sensitive resources and data. In fact, according to a report from Microsoft, more than 90 percent of cyberattacks on enterprise data are carried out due to insufficiently secure passwords of corporate employees. In order to protect their organisations “inside out,” they need to educate employees on the access component of enterprise security, prioritise, pick and implement solutions, while also maintaining thoughtful governance.

This is where GreyCorbel Solutions is in a league of its own.

With an aim to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, GreyCorbel Solutions empowers enterprises with services and solutions for data protection. “GreyCorbel Solutions integrates services and solutions in the most valuable asset of companies to eliminate the risk of losing business data,” says Jiří Formáček, Founder and CEO at GreyCorbel Solutions. Backed by years of rich experience in IT security, the experts at GreyCorbel Solutions can effectively capitalise on designing or implementing customised security solutions such as Identity management. In doing so, the company does not believe in forcing its clients into acquiring new infrastructure software components and aims at providing the optimal solution using existing resources.

GreyCorbel Solutions focuses on the delivery of quality IT services and the development of commercial and custom software solutions for the Windows platform. Touching upon the challenges in identity and access management space, Formáček cites an example of a company that was unaware of the fact that hackers walked unnoticed into the company as they had been able to log in as an admin all the time. They collected sensitive company data for three years and yet the company could not catch a whiff. Mitigating similar risks for enterprises, GreyCorbel Solutions focuses on defining the architecture of solutions, defining the scope and leading implementation teams towards delivery.

Specialising in security and identity services, the company brings in Admin Password Manager for Enterprise (AdmPwd.E) that effectively prevents the misuse of the administrator accounts and can save companies considerable money b y m itigating p ossible c yberattacks. B ased o n the open-source AdmPwd Solution, AdmPwd.E covers everything from secure management of local administrator accounts passwords of domain-joined Windows machines, group policy integration and management.

GreyCorbel Solutions integrates services and solutions in the most valuable asset of companies to eliminate the risk of losing business data

Passwords are stored in Active Directory (AD), and encrypted, so only eligible users can read it or request its reset. Besides password history management and password encryption, AdmPwd.E provides HSM support for storage of private keys and keeps simple and clear audit trail in a dedicated log detailing every operation performed. The solution comes with user-friendly auditing tools and security model, support for deleted computer objects, password management of domain user account, and much more. GreyCorbel Solutions enables seamless deployment of AdmPwd.E with Microsoft installer package, Windows Installer (MSI).

At the core, GreyCorbel Solutions solves the complex challenges around authentication and communication. As per the new European Directive, organisations need to publish their digital services through open APIs, which elevates the possibility of new threats. This is where GreyCorbel Solutions assists its clients by providing services which are secured by protocols like oAuth2, open ID connect, and more. The company also advocates implementation of communication security–typically secure E2E communication by encryption. “We help our client achieve the main goal of having the right architectural design, which can significantly increase the efficiency of safety. Furthermore, we follow a meticulous approach to identify and define what services inside the company are at risk and should be secured, before designing the appropriate discipline for them,” adds Formáček.

He narrates a recent engagement with one of their clients looking for some changes within their current IDM. The client—one of the biggest banks in the Czech Republic—was facing issues with their identity and access management. GreyCorbel Solutions came on board fixed their issues and created a dynamic identity and access management solution for them. Instances as such highlight one of the many success stories the company has scripted for its clients. The company currently operates in more than 17 countries across four continents to protect more than 100Mn machines!

Moving ahead, as small companies and start-ups lack the funding to build infrastructure and services on-premise, GreyCorbel Solutions is planning to increase the cloud service development. The company will also expand its services in West Europe and Asia. “We want to educate our clients and help them acquire certain skill sets that they need for the future,” concludes Formáček.