The year 2018 marked a significant turn in digitization as the number of connected devices, standing at 8.4 billion, estimated by Gartner, outnumbered the world’s population. Today, the inescapable reality of the digital world is that everything is interconnected—from people, process, data, and things. As the power of connectivity becomes more relevant than ever before, businesses too are digitizing their products and processes for redefined consumer engagement. As IoT applications gain mainstream popularity, the pressure to build differentiated, high-end products with enhanced security also increases for organizations. A single cyber attack can not only bring an entire network of interconnected devices to a crashing halt but also put valuable data at risk. Gemalto (AMS: GTO), with its numero uno position in digital security, rises up to this challenge and offers state-of-the-art software applications and identity authentication technologies that allow businesses and governments to deliver secure digital services for billions of users. With a rich legacy of innovation to fall back on combined with their focus on continued growth, today Gemalto is a global leader operating out of 112 offices, with customers in over 180 countries.

The company’s solutions largely focus on two main areas of digital security. On one hand, Gemalto embeds secure software in devices to authenticate people and things and on the other, they run software on platforms to protect and encrypt data across networks. “In an increasingly digital world, the need for stronger and more trusted digital identities is growing. We know that consumers want their data to be secure, but they also want a painless and hassle-free experience when accessing online services,” says Philippe Vallée, CEO, Gemalto.

Embedding Trust in Enterprise Security

From banking, retail, telecommunications, to automotive, currently, Gemalto’s solutions have found a foothold in most major industries. Today, the one thing that every enterprise wants to secure at all cost is their digital payment services. This is where Gemalto’s Trusted Services Hub, an end-to-end solution for the deployment of secure mobile services comes into the picture.

We know that consumers want their data to be secure, but they also want a painless and hassle-free experience when accessing online services

In case the client in question is an issuer, Gemalto connects them to tokenization platforms and helps them create their own wallets. For wallet providers, the company offers the highest number of digital cards via all channels. Keeping in mind that most consumers prefer contactless smart cards owing to its convenience and speed of transactions, Gemalto offers a full range of contactless payment cards with optimized chips and operating systems that ensure high-level security.

Apart from standardized solutions meant for all verticals, Gemalto also has specialized solutions for specific industries. For banking and financial institutions in particular, Gemalto’s digital banking solutions combine strong authentication with risk management and ensure customer trust and regulatory compliance. These solutions facilitate next-generation branch services and cover the entire customer journey from enrollment, credit card customization, PIN code management, to card issuance. The company’s value proposition can be further substantiated with a case study where a leading U.S. finance cooperative implemented Gemalto’s turnkey card design application to empower cardholders to create their own personal cards online in a secure manner. The solution not only met the credit union’s security needs but was also in line with their budget requirements. Ultimately, the client observed a 68 percent increase in transaction frequency and could significantly boost customer relationship and retention.

In the government and civil industry domain, Gemalto provides secure and robust solutions that include government ID management, eServices for eGovernment/mGovernment infrastructures, and border and visa management.
In particular, Gemalto’s advanced biometric passport technologies are being used in over 30 different countries and help authorities strengthen homeland protection and improve the traveler’s experience.

Making the Digital World Safer

A core component of digital security resides in data protection. According to a report by the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches reached a new record of 1,579 incidents in the U.S. alone, implying that advanced data management solutions are the need of the hour. With Gemalto’s Identity and Data Protection solutions, enterprises have complete visibility and control of their infrastructure applications, both on-premises and in public and private clouds. The solution encompasses superior identity and access management, crypto management, and cloud security.

Placing customer needs at the heart of all solutions, Gemalto is not only open to customization but also partners with best-in-class service providers, systems integrators, value-added distributors, and resellers in the industry. Furthermore, to measure client satisfaction and gain strategic direction, the company conducts an annual customer-listening program. Based on customer insights and Gemalto’s vision for the future, they invest heavily in R&D and solution expansion. An in-house incubation center allows employees to develop any new ideas or concepts using agile methodologies. Exchanges with startup eco-systems and participation in hackathons and international conferences are further encouraged to foster innovation. As part of its continued investment to address the rapidly changing needs of organizations worldwide, the company recently launched a new virtualized network encryption platform, SafeNet Virtual Encryptor CV1000.

Moving ahead, as the Internet of Everything connects millions of new objects and sensors every day, Gemalto will continue to be the protector of the digital future. They are expecting a double-digit revenue growth in the cybersecurity space and substantial profit from operations in the smart card and issuance segment. With their compelling solutions, strong leadership, and unique values, today Gemalto is aptly the heart of secure solutions in a connected world.