Jason Herbstman, CEO, Etopia Technologies Inc., EtopiaJason Herbstman, CEO, Etopia Technologies Inc.
The ever-evolving technology landscape has enabled businesses to reach new customers and significantly improve their age-old processes. However, there’s one downside to technological advances: cyber threats. The situation necessitates organizations to have a well-trained, aware, and engaged staff with the knowledge of the dangers posed by cyber criminals. That’s where E-Topia can help. Our company’s mission is to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge IT services and security solutions to businesses, with a focus on security and compliance. We offer cost-effective and reliable information systems to make technology a productive part of our clients organizations.

E-Topia has been using a combination of real-life testing and continuous monitoring to protect businesses for almost two decades. We have developed an ever-changing approach to cyber security training to keep up with real-time cyber threats. “We have been working with different businesses both military and commercial for many years, which has enabled us to adopt dynamic training programs”, says Jason Herbstman, the Information Systems Security Manager of E-Topia. Our company takes the time to train the clients team members about security dos and don’ts and gives them a better understanding of how cyber criminals operate and how they can protect themselves while safeguarding the company’s assets.
E-Topia helps clients to teach their teams about the challenges associated with maintaining a secure network within their organization, offering a wide variety of different training exercises designed to help prevent their greatest assets from becoming their biggest liabilities. More importantly, they bring Department of Defence (DOD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards to the corporate industry.

Their experience working with classified networks allows them to understand and adopt methods that are used by the government to improve the network security posture of commercial industries. By using a proactive approach, E-Topia ensures that all of the personnel understand the importance of cyber security and what they can do to keep your company and its network safe. As a result, risk assessments are performed, and action item lists are developed on a routine basis. E-Topia has successfully blended cutting-edge software and in-house training to help clients understand the importance and meaning of true cyber security. While controls, including firewalls, antivirus software, and IPS, remain helpful, dynamic, ever-changing testing is important to keep up with the real world. To this end, E-Topia specializes in small to medium-size businesses, which gives them an advantage in really understanding the people they are training and how to adopt a training program for their clients. In a nutshell, E-Topia has a deep-rooted background in quality management and system administration.
  • We have been working with different businesses-both military and commercial-for many years. This has enabled us to adopt dynamic training programs

It combines these aspects to offer customers a company-wide approach to cyber security. Their company follows its comprehensive processes” from start to finish” to understand and mitigate risks. Our advantage is that we work well with small to medium-size businesses and charge about half that of larger cyber security firms. We have a very lean staff who are very responsive to our customer needs, concludes Jason Herbstman.