Mark Marron, CEO, ePlusMark Marron, CEO
Managing threats in today’s information age is more of a necessity than a choice for organizations as attacks are increasing exponentially. However, staying ahead of the threat landscape and attack chain curves is a formidable challenge as companies embrace digital transformation. At the forefront of this issue lie factors such as skills shortage, increasing expenses, and lack of holistic solutions that execute round-the-clock monitoring. With expertise across critical areas such as cloud assessments, foundational deployments, application modernization, migrations, and ongoing operation and management, ePlus can help ensure its clients meet their business goals and leverage the cloud to its fullest potential. Positioned squarely at the forefront of today’s most transformative technologies, ePlus provides a vast perspective that helps organizations implement versatile technology solutions that support their ability to evolve as business needs change. The company helps customers use technology to navigate business challenges successfully, bring a broad perspective, a creative approach, and an ambition to identify and deliver technology services and solutions that are genuinely transformative to customer organizations.

The ePlus Security Advisory Services team focuses on its customers’ most critical issues and opportunities around governance, risk management and compliance, privacy, cyber security strategy, security operations, security and technology road maps, digital transformation, and mergers and acquisitions across all industries. Offering consultative and assessment services, ePlus brings deep subject matter expertise that provides strategic, actionable plans to address current business needs while positioning its client’s business for growth.

Also, the ePlus Managed Security Services helps keep essential resources on mission-critical tasks by providing security expertise that extends the reach of the security team. Besides that, ePlus Cloud Consulting Services is a suite of offerings that help build and adopt an enterprise-ready, multi-cloud architecture. Whether one is defining their strategy, selecting and evaluating platforms, building and deploying framework, or continuing to optimize operations and deployment, ePlus can offer them the full benefits of the cloud.

ePlus’ service offerings cover the five most critical areas of cloud adoption – education, assessment, automation/ orchestration, architect/design/deploy, and ongoing optimization and management. To be successful in deploying and adopting cloud services in a multi-cloud paradigm (whether hybrid, cloud DR, or a private/public cloud architecture spanning multiple cloud providers), it is imperative to have a properly-designed public cloud architecture as well as the ability to address security, connectivity and management. Interestingly, ePlus’ architect and design services provide an authentic multi-cloud architecture. With a team of highly skilled architects and engineers, ePlus offer a scalable, compliant, and secure design—helping its clients build multi-cloud infrastructure and automate the deployment of business applications to that infrastructure. Providing the perspective to help customers navigate both the big picture and the small details is what ePlus does best. Acting as a trusted advisor, a hands-on extension of their team, a trainer, a staffing partner, or in a capacity to monitor and manage their networks proactively, we are committed to making technology mean more—and do more—to drive positive business outcomes for their organizations.

Our deep partnerships with top manufacturers—many who look to us for their own technology needs—keep us immersed across the IT ecosystem

From cloud and data center, security, collaboration, networking, and AI to digital transformation, managed and professional services, or financing, ePlus brings a vast perspective that helps organizations design, orchestrate, and seamlessly implement versatile technology solutions. Round-the-clock security coverage, experience, resilient technology stack, and affordability lend ePlus its edge. Its synergy with its customers sets ePlus apart from competitors in the managed security service arena. The company leverages insights from its world-class team, who understand the unique needs of their growing clientele. As ePlus solves challenges in penetration testing, security awareness, and compliance assessments, it emerges as a clear one-stop-shop for security services.