Thomas Andersson, EVP Digital Trust, EnfoThomas Andersson, EVP Digital Trust
Digital identity has become the most crucial enabler in today data driven business transformation. Associating data to an identity is essential to secure critical data and mitigate risks. As data and corporate resources have been moved to the cloud, identity is now the new perimeter.Furthermore, megatrends such as IoT and Digitisation, in general, rely on properly authenticated identities that are authorised based on correct identity data. To support these needs, organisations are now leaving behind the risk-based era to enter into an identity-driven security era. Hiding critical business resources behind a firewall to fight against the external threat is nolonger adequate. The threat is everywhere, and organisations need to mitigate risk by doing so much more than implementing security solutions. Here, handling digital identities and user access or creating a digital trust is of utmost importance. If organisations are not deemed trustworthy by the market and the customer, their digitisation will fail, and new digital channels will suffer. Digital trust has become the true driver to security investments going forward.

Enter Enfo

Understanding these requirements, Enfo, a Nordic IT service company, helpsbusinesses build a sustainable organisationwithin digital identity/Identity Access Management (IAM). The company aims to assist clients create a digital trust and empower their core business. In fact, Enfo is all about data-driven business transformation. “We truly believe that clients need to understand the origin and value of data. Data Access Governance and Data Virtualization are important pieces of that puzzle. In terms of the more traditional security domain, we have decided to go all in on the identity centric security, which we believe is best managed with an ecosystem approach technology wise,” says Thomas Andersson, EVP Digital Trust, Enfo.

Enfo becomes an enabler for a secure business founded on reliable identity data and access management capabilities. It educates C-level management on how security services can add value to their business development process. “We believe that if clients look at security service
investments as investing in new revenuethey can establish a creative culture where business development also improves business’ security posture,” says Andersson. For instance, one ofEnfo’s clients, a large global organisation,wanted toshift from a project-to-project approach to a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) inspired organisation. The company helped the client to enable digitisation with the help of digital identity capabilities instead of reacting to IT Service Requests. Establishing reference architecture and a holistic approach to a modern definition of the digital identity helped sort out different technologies and component overlaps. Also, Enfo helped merge isolated workforce IAM and external IAM domains.

We have a business first and outcome centric approach to our various specialist areas. We measure success in costs saved or revenue made for the customer

Top of the Line Expertise

With the experience of 900 experts, Enfohelps mid-size to large companies with their data-driven business transformation journey. The company acts as a trusted partner to the customer with a balanced blend of for example advisory, development services and 24/7/365 application management services. Furthermore, choosing Enfo is not choosing a specific technology which means the company can jump in with domain expertise and guide the customer in the vendor landscape. “We have a business first and outcome centric approach to our various specialist areas. We measure success in costs saved or revenue made for the customer,” says Andersson.

Contributing to a more intelligent Nordic, Enfo is gearing up to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time. “We will achieve this by making sure that our customers can make proper business decisions based on reliable and correct data,” notes Andersson.