In the era of digitalization, organizations are struggling to create operating models for competitive differentiation and are trying to offer customers with valuable solutions. Companies are continuously dealing with cyber threats, presenting a need for a holistic security platform that ensures a better online experience for their employees, as well as customers. Due to the negative impact of conventional and credential based authentication, businesses are adopting a new approach based on continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) for authentication. CARTA is based on dynamic trust and risk that lowers the possibilities of insider threats, targeted attacks, and credential thefts.

The MFA solution, access management simplified (emAS) of eMudhra provides user authentication based on CARTA. Powered by different risk indicators such as phishing attacks, brute force attacks, and password reuse, emAS utilizes high-end risk-based authentication technology to determine the risks related to users’ login and post-login activities. Built on the integration of machine learning based anomaly detection and rule-based profiles, the adaptive authentication of emAS gives potential to generate MFA profiles. Anomaly detection uses input parameters like time taken to submit username and password and delete press count for profile creation while rule-based profiles include the change in IP address, OS, and browser parameters and high-risk IP and geographical barrier check.

In addition to MFA, eMudhra offers a wide variety of solutions from public key infrastructure PKI managed services to PKI IoT, paperless office solution to citizens e-signatures, and mobile security to invoice signing. The company provides a range of products that leverage technologies like blockchain, predictive analysis, and IoT. The eSigned smart contracts emBlock product of the company leverages the blockchain that allows citizens to sign documents electronically and legally from anywhere, anytime, by conducting KYC. The blockchain based system emBlock is built on a hyper ledger fabric which ensures transaction immutability and publicly verifiable records at reduced costs.
The blockchain powered product utilizes identity-based digital signatures and asymmetric key pair cryptography that streamlines ID Verification by using national ID or other forms of ID’s. As a result of that, it automatically creates a shared registry that can be leveraged by other relying parties and store smart contracts on digital locker running on a blockchain. There are many success stories and cases where the services and solutions of the company have eased the operations and tackled the issues faced by customers.

For instance, eMudhra’s emBlock solution is helping the government to securely move the land records on a blockchain from isolated departments. Land record system is undergoing a transition in India from manual to digitalization. The Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme is digitalizing the property related information that is being transferred on blockchain and regulated according to the regulatory policies using smart contracts. This allows stakeholders like real estate agents, courts, banks, and buyers to access a particular record in real time.

Recently, eMudhra has become a member of the Certification Authority Browser Forum which is a prestigious association of certification authorities and vendors of internet browser software and operating systems. The forum enforces governing guidelines for digital certification management to deliver security and convenience to internet users. “eMudhra is the first body from India to become a member of the CA/ Browser Forum. I feel that participation in such forum will be highly valuable from a learning perspective and towards shaping the future technologies relating to PKI,” says V. Srinivasan, chairman of eMudhra.

Over the past decade, eMudhra is providing innovative solutions to change the ways of the interaction of consumers and organizations and offers insights from processing structured and unstructured data in real time using predictive analytics. The company has been focusing on providing solutions to address the requirements of the customers and secure digital society.