Nathan Nemec, Director of Technology, DataSure24Nathan Nemec, Director of Technology
New threats emerge every day, and the types of threats that emerge are evolving at a rapid rate. Because of this, the users must receive training on at least an annual basis. Educating employees about cybersecurity risks is an essential part of any organization’s strategy to reduce its exposure to potential threats. Regardless of how mature an organization’s existing cybersecurity program is, the first step to improving its posture is to conduct an assessment to evaluate existing strengths and weaknesses. DataSure24 offers Security Awareness Training for all business sizes and provides complete management of the service itself via our security analyst. The company has experience navigating the complexities of cybersecurity assessments.

Team DataSure24 assesses its clients’ current cybersecurity awareness and develops a cybersecurity training solution that fits their organization and culture. DataSure24’s cybersecurity assessment is based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publication 800-171, a developed framework to protect controlled unclassified information in nonfederal organizations. Although many organizations aren’t required to comply with NIST 800- 171, alignment of security and control structures against this recognized framework is a critical step in process maturity and diligence.

A New York-based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with over 20 years of experience, DataSure24 provides cybersecurity solutions for all industries at all levels and sizes. As a managed security service provider (MSSP), DataSure24 provides visibility and vigilance by monitoring an organization’s critical infrastructure and data for malicious and threatening activity 24x7.

This service allows an organization to know what is happening across its environment at all times. Clients receive protection against breaches, including ransomware, zero-day exploits (attacks that occur as soon as a software weakness becomes known), and other emerging threats.

DataSure24 is SSAE-18 certified and TIA-942 compliant. In the event of a breach, the company will develop a comprehensive plan to contain the incident, eradicate the cause and recover operations. This plan is continuously updated throughout the engagement so that key stakeholders understand what systems were impacted and have insight into the availability, estimated recovery time, and overall response progress.
  • DataSure24 offers Security Awareness Training for all business sizes and provides complete management of the service itself via our security analyst.

Also, a trained security professional must complete vulnerability scanning to identify, define, and prioritize any organizational vulnerability. Assessments made of any exposure are continuously updated to ensure that the companies are entirely up to date and ready to react against the latest threats. The analysts provide a detailed summary accompanied by a more detailed report to break any vulnerability threatening your systems.

Additionally, DataSure24’s Dark Web Scanning provides endless searching, monitoring, and reporting on the part of the web that Google doesn’t see. Moreover, Dark Web Scanning can identify exposed credentials and prevent criminal activity, data breaches, and identity theft. The company uses the first commercially available solution to scan for compromised credentials on the dark web, which gives them a critical tool to protect its client’s most valuable digital assets, credentials, and reduce the risk of being in the headlines due to data breach.