Elizabeth Wu, President, Cybersecurity Auditing Technologies Inc. (CAT Inc.)Elizabeth Wu, President
Cybersecurity Auditing Technologies’ (CAT Inc.) outstanding leadership team, brings broad and deep industry knowledge and expertise, and is credited for their client’s ability to have security and stability without incident as companies continue to grow.

Elizabeth Wu and Phillip Bidinoff are known as Cyber Champions based on Accenture’s definition and have transferred over two decades of experience to their invention of an IT Audit dashboard called EDD-i. With EDD-i, it becomes possible to answer the question, “A framework for quantifying cyber risk: Pipedream or possible?” and possibly change the world of cyber liability insurance by decreasing data breaches and increasing a company’s security status from the inside out. Yes, indeed it can be a reality.

Elizabeth Wu and Phillip Bidinoff, creators of CAT Inc., are President and IT Lead Auditor (ISO 27001:2013), respectively. They bring an innovative, surefire cybersecurity method for evaluating security liabilities in IT infrastructures that is light years ahead of what is currently available. While performing an IT audit of a mid-sized company with eight people in their IT department, the duo discovered a vast discrepancy between their client’s approved cyber insurance policy and the reality of their IT ecosystem security. The reveal of this situation was a real cause for concern, given that a phone call to their insurance carrier would void any future claims they would submit. That moment of realization was just the beginning of a journey to creating the only IT audit dashboard capable of transforming the cyber liability insurance landscape industry and all of their constituents.

Based on these findings, the CEOs and Board of Directors of businesses now have unprecedented visibility into their IT systems’ risk factors, exposures, and vulnerabilities—reducing their financial liabilities.

“Our practice of cybersecurity auditing is based on a root cause analysis methodology of the IT infrastructure for user symptoms and business performance issues,” says Wu.

The Next-Generation IT Auditor

An IT audit is an activity for large enterprise organizations that primarily audits policies and processes regarding the IT department. The time and cost for such an IT audit are months and more than $100,000. In general, while it is required, it is not welcomed, and the worst part is a data breach is still possible.

Essential Diagnostic Droid-interactive (EDD-i) is the name of CAT Inc’s provisional patent that utilizes the Center for Internet Security (CIS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and ISO 27001 frameworks. Through incredible ingenuity and 20 years of experience, EDD-i quantifies security risks like an actuary and displays audited results on an online dashboard. Bidinoff, leading the charge of highly skilled developers from around the world, was able to automate and scale their audits, delivering an easy-to-read dashboard for C-suites.
Phillip Bidinoff, Chief Information Technology Officer

Unlike any other cybersecurity solution in the market, EDD-i is based on IT audit frameworks. An audit, like in the financial world, is verified factual data done by accredited financial professionals. All other cybersecurity applications are purely assessments based on subjective technical abilities and only evaluate an IT environment at the perimeter level.
  • Our practice of cybersecurity auditing is based on a root cause analysis methodology of the IT infrastructure for user symptoms and business performance issues

The dashboard’s main cost-effective benefit is that it continuously monitors and diagnoses the entire IT ecosystem, 24/7, ensuring the displayed Cyber Hygiene Score is near real-time. This unprecedented accuracy continues further by grading each of the nine categories and the action plan for remediation. CAT Inc. has formulated a new industry standard, Continuous Diagnostic Remediation Reporting (CDRR), a takeoff from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) approach. When deployed, EDD-i gets to work immediately and can display a company’s Cyber Hygiene Score within 24 hours without configuration.

The Cyber Hygiene Score empowers management teams to finally be able to measure the performance of IT activities and have visibility and control over their IT budget. By having access to EDD-i’s online dashboard, IT can be accountable for their actions, and management will have peace of mind knowing their security status. Other business units also benefit from EDD-i, such as finance, operations, procurement and human resources.