Ehud (Udi) Mokady, President and CEO, CyberArkEhud (Udi) Mokady, President and CEO
Digital transformation has been proved tremendously revolutionary for businesses of all sizes across the globe undoubtedly. However, as every coin has two sides, the benefits of this intelligent transformation are also associated with harmful disadvantages that can cause severe damage to business operations and sabotage their reputation in the market. One such grave disadvantage is the cyber attacks that are seeping through organizations unnoticed continuously. Significantly, industries such as banking, healthcare, federal, and insurance that adopt advanced technologies to accomplish their tasks are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks leading to the theft of sensitive and crucial data and misuse of the same. At this juncture, businesses are in urgent need of highly reliable identity security solutions that can manage digital identities and, at the same time, provide the necessary control over users’ access to important corporate information. The power to provide the same is with CyberArk. Based out of Massachusetts, CyberArk is an international leader in identity security that specializes in privileged access management. Be it for humans or machines, the company delivers the most extensive security offering through its Identity Security Platform, applicable for any kind of identity across distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads, business applications, and also in all respects of the lifecycle of DevOps. Leveraging its teams’ outstanding identity security capabilities, the company has been able to establish a significant position in the market and enable a multitude of leading organizations of the globe to trust CyberArk in order to help them secure their extremely vital assets.

With an aim to help customers future-proof their investments while continuing to innovate simultaneously, team CyberArk brings forth an unmatched security-first approach to businesses’ strategies around identity security. By dint of its Identity Security platform, it has pioneered the first-to-market innovations equipped to combat the privileged attacks.

With its effective Privileged Access Management solutions, the company addresses a wide variety of use cases for the purpose of securing privileged credentials as well as secrets that may reside in the cloud, on-premise, and even anywhere between them both. These solutions enable customers to keep a vigilant eye on the privileged credentials and accounts and manage them while isolating and monitoring the privileged sessions at the same time.

Upon detecting any unauthorized activities, they can provide necessary remedies to the risky activities taking place across all environments. At the same time, with the help of its Cloud Entitlements Manager solution, the company extends required improvement to the visibility through the medium of uninterrupted identification and reparation of the unseen, unused, and misconfigured permissions present in the cloud environments.

What is more, with the company’s Endpoint Privilege Manager solution in place, its customers can control applications, enforce minimal privilege and prevent the theft of credentials on Mac desktops, Windows and Windows servers so as to put a stop to the attacks. Moreover, customers do not have to rely on agents, agents or VPNs, if they utilize CyberArk’s Vendor Privileged Access Manager solutions, which are capable of assisting organizations to enable safeguarded remote vendor access to the susceptible assets of the IT managed by the company.
  • CyberArk is an international leader in identity security that specializes in privileged access management.

CyberArk’s collaboration with a leading multinational paint client stands as a testimony to its abilities in providing the best-in-business identity security solutions. The client urgently needed to improve visibility to the privileged user activity to detect the possible vulnerabilities throughout the environment. The hurdle was that its legacy solution used to monitor the access credentials was in shortage of granularity into the sessions of the individual user. Team CyberArk shouldered the responsibility to deploy the Core Privileged Access Security on the clients’ servers, security devices, virtual machines Windows as well as Linux accounts. As a result, the client was able to limit the figure of privileged accounts strategically that were allotted to all the servers across its environment.

With such accomplishments in abundance, CyberArk is looking forward to enhancing its teams’ capabilities and improving its offerings depending on the requirements. With that being said, the company will continue to thoroughly acquaint itself with the market trends and emerging technologies to better its offerings to cater to its customers without a stop.