Is it a flight of fancy or a reality of our lives? Advanced technology and engineering have made it possible for our generation to use automated machines such as Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, robots, and closed-circuit televisions (CCTV’s)for achieving things that our forefathers could only dream about. Nowadays, civilians are using UAVs for different purposes like photography, commerce, scientific research, and many more. However, as in the modern world, threats and thefts are becoming increasingly complex, requiring more advanced security solutions; to this end, drones have a real role to play. Alongside better cameras and new technologies such as facial recognition, drones can undertake inspections in a cheaper, faster, and safer way.

No matter how advanced technology gets, skilled human involvement with drones is always required to ensure more proactive security. Keeping this in view, CitiGlobal, a company dealing in private and commercial security services, has combined both trained guards and unmanned security systems in their operations. Their unmanned security service of providing enterprises with laser fencing, drones, surveillance cameras, tracking devices with geolocation technology, and remote monitoring is always equipped with their skilled crew as additional support.

Besides, CitiGlobal stands out as the first security provider to test drones for private security purposes in the U.S. Their drones have the edge of innovations. It can travel at a speed of 50 miles an hour and that too, within 500 feet off the land. One significant service that they offer by leveraging their drones is providing surveillance in gated communities of houses and homeowner associations. In case there is a security breach, an alarm sends off a signal, and their command center quickly dispatches a drone. The drone transmits information to them, and guards come to investigate sites. They also use drones for providing parking enforcement service–their drones keep an eye over garages and parking lots by identifying illegally parked vehicles and informing their command center. “We can also digitally record the license plates of every car that enters and leaves your parking garage or lot and capture footage of everyone who arrives or departs on foot,” says Adel B., President, and CEO of CitiGlobal.

We don’t see ourselves as your chosen security provider. Instead, we think of ourselves as your chosen partner

Similar to their drone security services, CitiGlobal’s video monitoring surveillance also works in coordination with its manned forces, which includes the on-site guards and their team in the command center. They cater to a diverse range of enterprises such as hotels, construction companies, parking authorities, and retail establishments, and universities. Besides security, businesses are also using their services to monitor employees and increase human resource productivity.

CitiGlobal can be a prudent choice for enterprises when it comes to finding the vendor who provides a one-stop platform for all security needs. Set up in 1954 by retired policemen, CitiGlobal has already earned the reputation as an A1 company throughout California. What has made them thrive in business for more than 60 years is that they are constantly leveraging innovative technology and new ideas to accommodate their clients’ needs. “We don’t just meet the needs of our clients — we exceed them in everything we do. We don’t see ourselves as your chosen security provider. Instead, we think of ourselves as your chosen partner,” says Adel.

CitiGlobal has a long history of providing security by checking all possible vulnerabilities for everyone–be it commerce, residence, or industries. Some of their reputed clientele include Toyota Of Glendale, West Valley Counseling, etc. CitiGlobal was voted the best security company in 2017 and has even won the 2017 “Award of Excellence” from Rotary International for outstanding services since 1954. With such a distinguished record of being a global leader in this field, they envision that in the near future, they will incorporate more innovative technologies for delivering holistic security assurance.