JP Midgley, CEO, Avalon CyberJP Midgley, CEO
Addressing the need for robust security systems that are on par with today's evolving technology and threat landscape is becoming increasingly challenging for enterprises. Evaluating and opting for suitable security solutions and services from amongst the plethora of options available in the market has become a confusing affair for organisation leaders. Additionally, the burden of paying exorbitant amounts for many of these solutions makes companies sceptical about adopting them. As a leader in cybersecurity and intelligence, Avalon Cyber addresses these predicaments by adopting security approaches based on their client's specific risk profile and providing hands-on assistance to private and federal groups within fixed budgets. Further, Avalon Cyber helps businesses identify and manage cyber risk, assists them in prioritising their response to prevent cyber incidents from occurring, and enables them to focus on growing their business.

Avalon Cyber offers cybersecurity services – including vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) and many more – to help its clients achieve NYS SHIELD Act compliance. Team Avalon has decades of experience in digital forensics, cybersecurity incident response, IT risk management, and enterprise information security leadership. Its experts have held top-secret government clearances and possess key industry certifications, including CISSP, GPEN, OSCP, CCNA, CCE, CFCE, EnCE and ACE. Avalon Cyber experienced team provides timely, high-impact results through an innovative portfolio of services that address IT security challenges. Avalon Cyber personnel are management and technical experts who focus on cybersecurity as a mechanism for business advancement and change, based on a fundamental understanding that solutions must create synergies between the organisation's people, processes, and technology components. The company has extensive experience across the health and financial sectors, as well as international organisations.

Avalon works with clients from commercial and government organisations in industries that include financial services, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications, looking to partner with Avalon to achieve a greater level of data security. Avalon had its humble beginning in the year 2000 with three people in Syracuse, New York. Avalon still provides the traditional services that got them started, concentrating on providing high-quality products and even a higher level of customer service. It has evolved to offer a wide array of niche services, including digital forensics, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity. Today, Avalon boasts 150 team members in ten offices across six states and continues to grow and evolve to assist businesses across the U.S.

In 2016, Avalon's vision was formalised entirely through the help of a long-time strategic partnership with DIGITS LLC, a highly respected digital forensics and cybersecurity company. This partnership allowed Avalon to provide tailored, sophisticated service to its clients and help them overcome the constantly evolving challenges related to investigations, litigation, and network security. As a full-service MSSP, Avalon offers security assessments, network monitoring, reactive cyber services, including vulnerability assessments, post-breach notifications, managed detection and response, and KnightVision CAM (compliance, alerting, monitoring).
  • Avalon Cyber helps businesses identify and manage cyber risk, assists them in prioritising their response to prevent cyber incidents from occurring, and enables them to focus on growing their business.

Envisioning a more secure future in a technology-rich environment, Avalon is keen on applying the cybersecurity capabilities developed and lessons learned to support the government sector's protection and resilience in the private sector. Whether it's information and infrastructure protection in the utility sector or security assessments and exercises for boards, Avalon Cyber has established itself as a highly-sought boutique white glove security agency that offers client's innovative solutions without the high-power consulting firm cost.