John T. Stankey, CEO, AT&T CybersecurityJohn T. Stankey, CEO
Over $1 Trillion.

That’s approximately the cost of cybercrime incurred globally last year. Cybercrime can not only harm public safety and undermine national security but also crush economies. Over the past decade, advancements in technology and ever-changing business practices have presented enterprises with an uncomfortable truth: It is impossible to overlook cyber risk threats. Posing near existential threats to companies, cyber-attacks are increasingly pervasive, with cyber criminals rapidly evolving and finding new tools and tactics to attack enterprises, regardless of the size, industry, or location. An effective defense requires businesses to continuously monitor their networks, cloud environments, and critical devices so that they can quickly identify and respond to potential threats. However, standard approaches to threat detection and incident response can be too complex and expensive for most companies to implement and maintain. This is where a new breed of enterprise security specialists—managed security service providers (MSSP)—has risen to the challenge. Bridging the lack of skilled resources in the cybersecurity market, most organizations rely on MSSPs for managed detection and response (MDR), log management, SIEM-as-a-service, compliance management, and other essential security services and solutions that can be deployed quickly and costeffectively.

When it comes to MSSPs, if they are doing it right, security is not even noticed. However, if they don’t get it right, the outcomes can torpedo everything. AT&T Cybersecurity can save your enterprise from this annihilation. No one understands cybersecurity like AT&T Cybersecurity—one of the world’s largest MSSPs. At a time when the skills gap continues to widen, triggered attacks become more advanced, compliance requirements turn more stringent, and a need to innovate quickly becomes direr, AT&T Cybersecurity enters as a game-changer. The company has built an extensive network of security partners worldwide who can help enterprises eliminate the time and expertise required to monitor security and detect threats. This network of certified MSSP from AT&T Cybersecurity specializes in threat and malware detection; vulnerability assessment and remediation; log management, monitoring, and archiving; compliance monitoring and SIEM-as-a-Service, and other services, which collectively detect cyber threats to mitigate the business impact and drive efficiency into cybersecurity operations. For over 144 years, AT&T, as a modern media company, has been changing the way people live, work, and play. The company’s foray into the cybersecurity realm is already transforming businesses and making them safer to innovate. Thousands of customers worldwide rely on AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP partners to meet their security monitoring and compliance needs.

Foster a Culture of Cybersecurity and Resilience

Keeping in mind the time, budget, and resource constraints faced by IT teams and their lack of capacity to constantly scour the global threat landscape for the latest attacks, AT&T Cybersecurity has designed its managed security services to meet these long-standing challenges. AT&T Cybersecurity works with hundreds of MSSPs across the globe to ensure that clients have the right MSSP with the right services to meet their specific security needs. An AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP navigates enterprises in protecting their critical IT infrastructure against emerging threats cost-effectively and reliably. AT&T Cybersecurity MSSPs draw on deep insights gleaned from their security research and the latest threat intelligence available from the AT&T Alien Labs security research team. These research initiatives are a result of the constant analysis and validation of the latest threat data, including the community-sourced, global threat data from the AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange® (OTX)—thus providing clients with multiple layers of threat intelligence.

At the core, the AT&T Cybersecurity MSSPs leverage the power of the company’s award-winning AlienVault Unified Security Management® (USM) platform to build successful managed security and compliance service offerings. Enabling comprehensive security monitoring and compliance management across cloud and onpremise environments, AlienVault USM presents a single affordable platform to deliver multiple essential security capabilities—from asset discovery, vulnerability assessment to intrusion detection, incident response, SIEM, and log management—coupled with continuously updated threat intelligence. Owing to its high scalability, cost-efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance, AlienVault USM is preferred by most MSSPs to simplify and centralize diverse security monitoring and compliance needs across their customers’ cloud and on-premises environments.

Thousands of customers worldwide rely on AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP partners to meet their security monitoring and compliance needs.

With its AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response service, the AT&T security operation center provides 24/7 proactive security monitoring, alarm validation and incident investigation, and security orchestration and incident response automation, allowing enterprises to quickly establish or scale their threat detection and response program without the cost and complexity of building it themselves. The service is built on the USM platform for threat detection and response, fueled with continuously updated threat intelligence. AT&T’s global team of threat researchers and data scientists from AT&T Alien Labs analyzes one of the largest and most diverse collections of threat data in the world, allowing the team to detect threats sooner and respond faster. Deployment is quick and simple—thanks to the company’s high-touch service delivery model. Expert AT&T Cybersecurity consultants collaborate closely with clients to analyze their environment and create a customized plan for detection and incident response.

Once onboarding is complete, the client’s critical assets are monitored 24/7 by AT&T Cybersecurity specialists at the company’s advanced Security Operation Center. The AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response service frees up in-house security resources of the clients, enabling internal IT security teams to focus on strategic projects rather than time-consuming tasks, like daily alarm monitoring or compliance reporting.

The uniqueness of AT&T Cybersecurity managed security services stems from the seamless orchestration of technology, intelligence, and SOC expertise they bring to the table. Besides round-the clock proactive security monitoring and investigation from the AT&T SOC, these services go beyond other MDR services provide centralized security visibility across your cloud, networks, and endpoints, enabling early, effective detection and a rapid time to deployment with its innovative USM platform. The threat intelligence garnered from AT&T Alien Labs is yet another winning differentiator of the company. With unrivaled visibility of the AT&T IP backbone, global USM sensor network, and the OTX, AT&T Alien Labs delivers continuous, tactical threat intelligence to the USM platform to keep client’s defense up to date.
  • Expert AT&T Cybersecurity consultants collaborate closely with clients to analyze their environment and create a customized plan for detection and incident response.

In a nutshell, the AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP Partner Program is ideal for partners that wish to deliver managed security services in a reliable, simplified, and valuable fashion. While navigating the complex and constantly-evolving cybersecurity space, solution providers, system integrators, MSSPs, and corporate resellers continue harnessing the power of AT&T Cybersecurity’s partner programs to offer and support AT&T Cybersecurity solutions in the global marketplace and empower their clients with best-in-class security. Moving ahead, AT&T Cybersecurity is expanding its portfolio of Managed Security Services through its alliance with Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) to make Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) a reality for enterprises. AT&T SASE with Fortinet is the first global managed SASE solution at a scale that unifies software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) with essential network security functions of the SASE framework and 24x7 management. This powerful combination of people, processes, and technology will help enterprises enhance security, increase network performance, and reduce complexity and costs. Rupesh Chokshi, VP, AT&T Cybersecurity, says, “With the convergence of networking and security, organizations are struggling with managing and protecting applications and data accessing the network. AT&T’s heritage in providing integrated business solutions with managed services, and our best-in-class fiber and 5G connectivity solutions, uniquely position us to deliver on the promise of SASE. The solution will provide visibility and management for a more resilient network, making it safer for businesses to adapt and innovate.”