Chuck Tobin, President & CEO, At-Risk International Chuck Tobin, President & CEO
The past year was loaded with surprises and uncertainties that caused massive effects on businesses and global economies. The COVID-19 pandemic finely depicts that risks and security threats are everywhere, and they spare no one. Companies are actively shifting their focus on identifying and managing security threats even before they come into existence. In today’s world, a company’s ability to manage risk can be the difference between its failure and success. Despite knowing the importance of risk management, many companies often fail to implement security strategies for several reasons, such as lack of proper communication between management and employees, absence of efficient risk assessment, and lack of expertise. Even a minute vulnerability can put the entire organization in jeopardy. AT-RISK International—a Virginia-based global security expert—is empowering businesses to effectively protect their assets and implement risk management.

AT-RISK International (AT-RISK) is an intelligence-first global security solution provider that specializes in identifying and neutralizing risks before they strike. It has an exceptional team consisting of certified threat managers, forensic psychologists, protection and investigation experts who offer their expertise 24/7. AT-RISK offers protection services designed to provide enhanced security at the workplace, homes, and even during travels. Its global risk intelligence squad furnishes real-time reports on potential threats. The company is known for providing round-the-clock security assessment and management services. Organizations looking to improve their existing security strategies can utilize AT-RISK’s consultation services. The company makes sure its clients establish the best practices to meet regulatory compliances or insurance requirements, giving their management the peace of mind they need to make critical decisions. AT-RISK employs advanced threat-detection technologies that protect its clients from all types of attacks.

Modern times are entrenched with modern threats. AT-RISK understands that ideology well and employs innovative strategies to offer innovative services. It provides protection to technicians in dangerous environments irrespective of resources, location, or political climate. The company deploys its teams consisting of former law enforcement agents and security professionals to plan routes, obtain and deliver supplies, and ensure technicians’ safety. AT-RISK conducts complex investigations on former employees. It investigates the subject’s background, studying family situations, and behavior on online platforms. It also leverages its law enforcement networks to discover the subject’s past behaviors. AT-RISK also offers consultation on violence risks and provides assessment tools to maintain workplace violence regulations. The company establishes modern methodologies for examining over twenty global markets for regulatory issues. Its team narrows down violence risk assessment protocols to shortlist and rank their ease of implementation for its clients. AT-RISK specializes in offering customized security and awareness training for transportation disruptors. One of its clients was developing a new form of transportation and tourism services and was looking for a service provider to assist them in conducting a threat assessment. AT-RISK offered the clients weeklong training focusing on creating an observant work culture that assesses threats and mitigates physical security risks. Additionally, AT-RISK simulated interviews with hypothetical employees, helping its client identify concerning behavior and conduct field exercises to evaluate security vulnerabilities.
  • AT-RISK International—a Virginia-based global security expert—is empowering businesses to effectively protect their assets and implement risk management.

AT-RISK recognizes a business’s concern regarding the authenticity of a security service provider and ensures the clients of its legitimacy with its collaboration with the international threat assessment community. It has strong relationships with strategic partners such as Operational Psychology Services and other global organizations to approach every client engagement with the best practices and resources. It is recognized by ASIS International, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (CATAP), The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), and many such organizations.

AT-RISK focuses on creating and maintaining a safe environment for its clients everywhere they go. With its seasoned experts and discreet prevention security strategies, AT-RISK International makes risk management and security measure implementation a piece of cake for organizations looking to thrive in this risky economy.