Given the growing number and severity of cyber threats in today’s data-driven world, businesses are in imperative need of advanced security measures to safeguard the valuable assets. Zealous to help the enterprises to secure their ecosystems, Allot, a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions, empowers communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to enhance the value they bring to their customers. “Our Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions are capable of turning networks, applications, usages, and security data into actionable intelligence that make our customers’ networks smarter and secure,” Erez Antebi, President and CEO of Allot.

With over 20 years of proven industry experience and technical expertise, Allot designs intelligence, control and security solutions for entities of all size from every industry vertical. “Organizations can incorporate our solutions into their ecosystem to gain visibility and power to improve business decisions, target customers, and protect any device connected to their networks,” adds Antebi.

Allot brings to the table a network-based security platform ‘Allot Secure’ that integrates network-based security with endpoint and CPE-based security to help its clients to deliver branded, end-to-end security services to the mass market. It recently introduced modules such as IoTSecure and HomeSecure that enables service providers to secure enterprises and consumer IoT deployments at the network layer, in both fixed and mobile networks. The firm realized that machine-to-machine communications, which is already a significant tool for mobile operators, is likely to expand by the implementation of 5G networks. This leaves IoT devices notoriously vulnerable, which in turn adversely impact enterprises’ business operations. Using Allot’s IoTSecure, enterprises can apply carrier-class IoT Security, Behavior Assurance and Profiling to any of their IoT services. The firm’s multi-layer approach enables enterprises to unify their network-based security and CPE-based security into a single seamless CSP branded security service. This allows them to secure connected devices and computers from malware and other forms of cyber-attack and identify different devices and enforce security policies to protect them with zero customer intervention.

Our Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions are capable of turning networks, applications, usages and security data into actionable intelligence that make our customers’ networks smarter and secure

The company’s result-driven solution stack can deliver outstanding outcomes irrespective of location, device specification, and threats. By adopting the SECaaS approach with Allot Secure, the firm allows its clients to provide significantly greater value to their customers than traditional security point products. Unlike its competitors, Allot’s solutions have the capability to respond to new malware outbreaks, spam, and phishing attempts in an agile fashion. It can also customize detection and protection levels, user notifications and reports through a single, multi-tenant self-care interface.

Vehement to extend its customer base, Allot offers Unified Endpoint & Network Security to help its clients in today’s hyper-competitive market to successfully address the major challenges associated with cyber breaches. To further sharpen its edge in security operations, Allot joins hands with McAfee— global computer security software company— and offers the next logical step in security, a multi-layer platform that can integrate endpoint and network-based security across all devices. By combining them into a single platform, the firm helps in reducing the complexities faced by the users in achieving a greater level of security. Allot incorporates end-to-end security to its platform within the network, coupled with McAfee Security products on the endpoint. The partnership creates a unified service that delivers on-net and off-net coverage to ensure customer satisfaction, and simple on-boarding to accelerate service uptake and time-to-revenue.