Daniel Steele, MSS Manager, AlacrinetDaniel Steele, MSS Manager
There has been a steady increase in the types of cyber attacks in an enterprise infrastructure. Thankfully, the number of defensive cybersecurity measures against these attacks is also increasing. However, keeping a constant eye out for threats and defenses, while also concentrating on the actual business operations is a difficult proposition for companies. Consequently, many enlist the help of managed security service providers (MSSPs) who are specialized professionals in this field. This past year has made working from home (WFH) ubiquitous in corporate America, further emphasizing the need for MSSPs, now more than ever.

However, most MSSPs use a single, homebrewed cybersecurity tool or sell products by their chosen partner vendor. This denies customers the flexibility to choose from specific cybersecurity tools that can best suit their needs, instead of having solutions that secure only some parts of their data. Enter Alacrinet—a vendor-agnostic MSSP that understands its client's cybersecurity needs, recommends tools and helps them implement and maintain it.

In its 20 years of experience, Alacrinet continually adapted to market changes to fulfill its clients' needs with maximum efficiency. Its expertise in reselling, implementing, and tuning leading solutions has led various customers to request its assistance for day-to-day management and upkeep of their cybersecurity tools. Alacrinet is a significant IBM partner and often implements IBM QRadar and HCL BigFix as security tools in the client’s system. The company also works with vendors like Splunk, Exabeam, Crowdstrike, Sentinel One, and many others to provide its customers with the best cybersecurity tool that suits their business needs.

Alacrinet provides Managed Security Services to its clients in four key areas. Firstly, it offers Security Operations Center (SOC) services, where it handles 24x7 system monitoring, offense investigation, and system health management. The second service is Optimization, where Alacrinet continuously tunes the client's security system, checks for data quality and integration, and constantly searches and implements system upgrades. Then, after analyzing the client's system, Alacrinet suggests actions to secure the network, and provides support automation tools, and an incident response platform. And finally, with the help of its Red Team, Alacrinet performs penetration testing on the customer's systems to discover gaps in their security, minimizing their risk of cyber-attacks.

Additionally, the company provides two levels of services to match specific customer needs. First is gathering logging configuration of the client’s system to gain visibility across their entire environment with Endpoint Data Response (EDR) or SIEM. Then, Alacrinet offers response and remediation, where it provides clients with SOC services and gives them an incident response platform. Alacrinet can give clients either service on its own, or provide a combination of the two levels.

As Daniel Steele, MSS Manager of Alacrinet, says, “There is no silver bullet within cybersecurity that can solve every customer's needs." It is why Alacrinet takes an end-to-end closed-loop approach to provide in-depth security defense to its customers. The company first gets a better understanding of the client to discover its crown jewels—the information, product, or intellectual property—that it doesn’t want anybody to get a hold of. This gives them a clear comprehension of the client’s business objectives which Alacrinet then uses to ascertain the kind of security controls the enterprise has to prevent data leaks. Through them, it understands the client's security gaps and makes recommendations on the type of tool that can reinforce the security in a client’s system.
  • Daniel Steele, MSS Manager of Alacrinet, says, “There is no silver bullet within cybersecurity that can solve every customer's needs."

Alacrinet has both Offensive and Defensive security teams—A Red Team (Offense) that breaches the client's network to expose security gaps, and a Blue Team (Defense) that defends the network against such attacks. As of 2021, the company plans to launch Purple engagements to show the customer both sides of the coin to expose their system to hacking vulnerabilities and show them how the company’s SOC can handle such threats. In the same year, the organization also plans to develop a security staffing service to provide customers with expert security professionals on a direct-to-hire, contract-to-hire, and contract basis. Alacrinet is driven by their singular passion, to ensure that their clients don't fall prey to a cyber-attack due to a lack of professionals that can understand the situation. Hence, the company continues to work for its customers to provide them with a complete white-glove experience for cybersecurity.