Darktrace: Fighting Cyber Crimes in Real-Time with AI

Think Security, Think Compliance

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly banking on new-age IT managed services to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and manage the ever-changing complexities of their IT systems. However, in the wake of constantly evolving technologies like the cloud, AI, and IoT, along with mobility, organizations are opening their doors to new cybersecurity possibilities. Nevertheless, companies need to go a long way to harness and leverage these technologies while simultaneously safeguarding business data. What the market needs now is a multifaceted managed IT support provider that ensures data and IT infrastructure stay secure with next-gen technologies at play.

Compliance and security have always come hand-in-hand in any business. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses are making IT security a priority, where compliance follows suit. This is where the significance of hybrid cloud environments lies. Companies are considering hybrid cloud solutions in an attempt to achieve the flexibility to leverage the capabilities of both cloud and on-premise environments, thereby enhancing their overall performance. The hybrid cloud model cuts costs and saves space by utilizing the less expensive public cloud while also ensuring the protection of highly sensitive data.

Considering the fact that the performance aspect generally is overlooked by IT service providers, modern-security providers are equipping organizations with cohesive technology support plans that render a holistic approach in enhancing performance and take accountability for all the factors that can hinder performance. These plans offer high-end connectivity and core infrastructure, with equal focus on aspects of the physical layer such as wiring, application, wireless, and endpoints. Simultaneously, companies should focus on business continuity, leveraging centralized controls, implementation of single sign-ons, as well as integrated applications, which reduces the time needed to conduct business operations and improves IT security savings. We have also curated the top cybersecurity solutions and service providers to help you address these challenges from their roots.

    Think Security, Think Compliance

  • A cybersecurity firm, Darktrace offers an ‘enterprise immune system’ technology to detect and fight cyber-threats in real-time. What makes the technology unparalleled is, it rejects the one-size-fits-all, outcome-focused approach of traditional security programs, and instead, uses a unique combination of advanced mathematics and highly-developed ML and AI algorithms to understand every nuance of the host network. To this day, the Enterprise Immune System has identified around 53,000 serious, in-progress threats including ransomware, insider attacks, cloud-based threats, and state-sponsored espionage across its 4,000 deployments—which were missed by traditional defenses

  • Lacework adds security features to the competent software models and systems. Binding the major tech processes with security extensions, the SaaS platform, delivers efficient solutions with regards to intelligence and protection. The cyber security company focuses on supporting Docker or Kubernetes, virtual machines and cabinets, cloud computing applications implemented on both public and private networks and also operating system servers like Linux and Windows. Alongside, Lacework’s expertise assists in solving challenges such as intrusion detection, multi-cloud workloads, internet defense, cyber crimes, anomaly detection, and response, host and configuration compliance

  • Provides a wide range of solutions for real-time security management through timely orchestration of best-of-breed services

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