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Cyber Security: Looking Beyond the Networks and Firewalls

Contributed by the blurring work floor boundaries, security takes the top position among myriad challenges faced by enterprise CIOs today. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, protecting enterprise network and infrastructure has never been more important. In fact, early this year, Facebook lost over $100 billion in stocks after the revelation of Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm harvesting raw data from user accounts were made public.

The major security threat to enterprises today evolve from IoT devices, remote work options, BYOD, outsourcing, online customer interactions, and adoption of new technologies like cloud, social, big data, and mobile. In these cases, the information stored becomes a valuable asset, which demands multiple levels of security. As the nature of cyberattacks evolves, companies need to secure their data with a 360-degree security framework that has access control and transparency protocols to help them gain control, even if a breach occurs. As a result, more and more security providers are assimilating advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, Blockchain, and neural networks to make network access systems intelligent and capable of detecting breaches without human intervention. As we move forward, adoption of new technologies such as user-behavior analytics can help enterprises fathom any anomalous behavior of users while tokenization can prevent data monetizing after breaches. From startups to established players in the enterprise security space, companies are making huge efforts to embed security at the software and hardware level that can help enterprises counter the evolving threats.

In this scenario, exploring offerings from state-of-the-art solution providers, along with gaining more insights into how technology can enhance the potential of security systems has been an interesting journey for us. Our goal with this special edition is to help companies discover best-of-breed enterprise security solution providers who can help safeguard an enterprise’s digital assets. This edition blends thought-leadership from subject matter experts with real stories on what selected vendors are doing for their clients, including exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs.

    Cyber Security: Looking Beyond the Networks and Firewalls

  • Birch Cline provides smart solutions and cost-effective services to secure technology and sensitive data

  • Cimcor is also one of the top-notch organizations working on cybersecurity solutions. Aiming at providing tactical and effective security architectures for the emerging software systems, developed by the client enterprises and companies, the cyber security company delivers specialized cryptographic designs and strategic solutions as well. Data integrity, monitoring of real-time information exchange, and optimistic resource allocation and configuration of the network are some of the features of the services offered by the organization. Founded in 1997, Cimcor focused on developing cybersecurity innovations, which in compliance with the existing client IT infrastructure

  • Secucloud is a worldwide provider of high availability cybersecurity solutions, offering a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform, particularly for resellers and telcos

  • ThreatX, a security company founded by Bret Settle and Andrew Useckas, offers a next-generation web application firewall (WAF) that performs automated behavior profiling of attackers and web applications to detect and neutralize real-time threats in hybrid cloud environments

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