Mark Rees, COO and Dennis Monner, CEO, SecucloudMark Rees, COO and Dennis Monner, CEO
As the threat landscape changes dramatically, starting at the network level and moving to applications, the range of attack vectors continues to expand with no end in sight. As organizations move their operations online, legacy security solutions are not effective, and on-premises hardware lacks the performance to protect Internet-facing application infrastructure as they grow. Thanks to digitalization, internationalization, and the widespread use of IoT and mobile devices, networks today are complicated. With the commencement of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are obliged to ensure “adequate protection” through “suitable technical measures” to prevent the loss of their data. This is where Secucloud steps in to ensure protection against hackers and industrial espionage. Founded in 2013, Secucloud is a worldwide provider of high availability cybersecurity solutions, offering a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform, particularly for resellers and telcos.

The Secuscaler Functions

Combining software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) with built-in network security such as cloud-based Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)—an emerging technology—or Secure Web Gateways, the firm protects mobile users, enterprise locations, and cloud resources. To start with, the SD-WAN lays the foundation for proficient, centralized protection from the cloud, as it builds a “sealed corporate network” across sites, developing the basis for centralized, comprehensive enterprise protection against external attacks. “In order to ensure optimal interaction between the network and security functionalities, it makes sense to also relocate the security stack to the cloud, so the use of a firewall-as-a-service makes for a valid option. And that is exactly what we provide our customers in the form of our Secuscaler solution,” says Dennis Monner, CEO, Secucloud.

With its innovative Secuscaler, the firm offers high-performance cloud-based IT security as a managed service to B2B customers that works on the enterprise level and enables full cross-selling to customers. There is no need for organizations to spend long hours to secure every single access point in a corporate network; the resellers and vendors acting as the managed security service provider (MSSP) handle the maintenance of the service and, thereby, are able to provide SMEs powerful security technologies that scale when needed and stay up-to-date without maintenance. As a result, companies not only receive powerful state-of-the-art protection but also take the pressure off their IT teams, saving a lot of time and money.

Moreover, with most platforms using HTTP/HTTPS to communicate, the Secuscaler Application Control uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to detect the applications connecting via HTTP/HTTPS with granular control.
It is optimized to detect the top 100 applications of each region worldwide. The Secucloud Global Cloud Intelligence provides a real-time glimpse of the online threat and automatically analyzes IPs, hosts, files, and domains associated with suspicious behavior. Inspecting billions of web transactions with numerous intelligence feeds, Secucloud ensures the usage of the latest cloud security intelligence. It also associates superior machine learning technology with the input network to continually improve the Global Cloud Intelligence and to quickly classify domains, URLs, IPs, and files with large coverage, accuracy, and speed. Another technique for tracking is determined via proprietary AI algorithms. Secucloud’s contextual analysis identifies when to scan websites using methods such as customer-oriented classification or site dynamics and user behavior analysis by leveraging AI.

Besides, Secuscaler secures employees using Google, Box, Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, and numerous cloud applications by automatically protecting against malicious data or data leakage.

The Security Platform—ECS2

The Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is an innovative IT security solution. It was developed systematically as a scalable cloud architecture to challenge the constant growth of data volume and the increasing number of IoT and mobile devices.

With ECS2, the firm merges a number of powerful enterprise-grade security mechanisms, which includes sandbox technologies, deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems. With these security methods, the firm analyzes incoming data streams, in the cloud and outside the customer’s systems. Hence, vendors and resellers can leverage a powerful, scalable solution that ensures security in real time for devices at various locations. Also, the firm’s offerings are directed at telcos, enabling them to implement the solutions directly in their infrastructure, thereby providing customers with high-performance security in the form of a subscription-based service. Since the solution offers boundless scalability, even huge client bases of 100 million clients or more can be secured at the same time. When activated by end users, Secucloud protects the whole data stream of devices connected to the internet, be it smartphones or IoT devices. “Thanks to international partnerships and group contracts with numerous well-known telcos, we already have a reach of nearly 1 billion subscribers worldwide,” adds Monner.

Distinction and Innovation

With the evolution of 4G and 5G, the ecosystem of connected devices will become more complex, leading to the need for simple, controlled, and flexible protection.
In order to provide that, Secucloud has moved security to the cloud, identifying, and eliminating malicious data streams where today’s cyber threats originate: the internet. As a result, small and large enterprises are assured adequate protection from today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This helps secure their valuable intellectual property, also fulfilling their legal obligations. “When it comes to developing new business models, the ingenuity of cybercriminals is limitless. In order to prevail in the cat-and-mouse game with malicious actors—who quite often are at the forefront of the technological status quo— security providers must display an equally high level of creativity and innovative spirit,” adds Monner. Evolving technologies and fostering innovation are at the center of Secucloud. The firm produces “Cybersecurity made in Germany,” in unison with the highest quality standards and the world’s strictest data protection laws.

"In order to prevail in the cat-and-mouse game with malicious actors-who quite often are at the forefront of the technological status quo-security providers must display an equally high level of creativity and innovative spirit-and that-s exactly why we-ve chosen an entirely different approach to security"

Currently, the firm is working on ways of harnessing artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks to classify network traffic. A neural network would be able to apprehend and identify the constantly changing and evolving destructive data streams on the Internet—not based on known attack patterns, but rather an understanding of the distinction between good and bad network traffic.

Culture and Achievements

Ever since its launch, Secucloud has strived to create a productive, modern work environment that values its team’s creativity, allowing all employees to evolve according to their personal goals. More than a dozen different nationalities work at Secucloud, thereby contributing to the firm’s attractiveness as an open and international employer.

Last year, Secucloud was nominated for the SC Awards in two categories: “Best Mobile Security Solution” and “Best UTM Security Solution” and this year, it is nominated for the prestigious SC Awards in the USA for “Best UTM Security Solution.” “We want to continue profiting from the additional momentum this year and push ahead with the managed security services business—both nationally and internationally. With many years of experience in the global cloud security business, we are the ideal solution provider and consulting partner for any resellers who want to provide their customers with a powerful protection technology adequate for today’s requirements,” concludes Monner.