The companies must conduct cybersecurity training so that the employees understand the threats.

FREMONT, CA: Phishers are the most common entry points for workers, not technology. And when it comes to industries, there are a lot of phishes in the sea.  Now, it does not mean that workers are plotting to bring about the company's demise. But employees make mistakes as humans, and they trust false identities, are tempted by clickbait, and are vulnerable to other sly techniques used by criminals to gain access to business information. Unless, for instance, the workers have invested in training programs for cybersecurity.

To defend themselves and the organization from cyber-attacks, the workers need online cybersecurity training. They strengthen the most vulnerable links in the chain by making workers aware of security risks, how they might arise, and what procedures to follow when a threat is detected. Therefore, the phishers will attack the companies that do not maintain security.  

Different forms of cybersecurity threats

To be able to identify and avoid security breaches, employees will need basic training in the various ways that cybersecurity threats can present themselves. It includes spam, phishing, malware and ransomware, and social engineering, for the most part.

Provide cybersecurity training videos to help workers recognize spam content that may conceal malicious software. It is crucial to explain that spam is not found only in newsletters but also in messages and invites from social media. A LinkedIn 'invitation to connect' can, for example, bring a virus.

The company can even offer both new and old workers phishing training. Provide examples of actual phishing scams to help workers understand what a fake email could look like, who it might come from, and what kind of data it might ask. These emails typically request usernames, passwords, personal details, or financial information that allow criminals to access or steal money from company programs.

The importance of password security

Today, people need passwords to access their computers, to log into their accounts, and for any work-related use. It is a lot to remember, so many individuals set generic passwords that are quickly unravelled. It is why online cybersecurity awareness planning is a necessity that helps workers understand how significant passwords are.

The company must explain that the first line of protection to keep confidential information protected and hackers at bay is passwords. Show workers how to set strong passwords that combine letters, numbers, and symbols.

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