The companies can use a managed security service provider (MSSP) to protect the network from cybercriminals continuously.

FREMONT, CA: The managed security service provider is evolving rapidly to handle more tasks for the companies they represent to ensure they have a complete list of every job the MSSP manages. The primary reason for MASSP is taking more responsibility because the SOC in the company is burdened with huge responsibilities like compliance, vulnerability management with prioritized patching, proactive testing involving posture assessments, and penetration tests.

The managed security service provider (MSSP) can be defined as the IT service provider that prioritizes providing outsourced cybersecurity monitoring and management services to the companies. It is different from the managed IT services provider (MSP) that emphasis servicing, managing, and maintaining an organization's IT department. But MSSPs is more concerned with the constant state of the consumer's security stance.

Decreased Volume of Cybersecurity Alerts

Maximum of the cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls and SIEMs are designed to generate massive amounts of data or their users to provide information for an analyst. The logs and data can help track the state of the protected systems, and the alerts developed by the solutions offer awareness about potential attacks against the network.

Most companies are overwhelmed with the number of alerts that are generated by security solutions. But partnering with a managed security service provider can help the companies decrease alert overload and make the maximum utilization of the information by the security solution. A third-party service provider even has the tools and the experienced personnel required to differentiate among the false positives and legitimate threats to the company's network. It helps the companies to maximize their utilization of security and respond to cyber threats.

Round-the-Clock Protection and Monitoring

Cybercriminals do not limit themselves to attack during standard business hours, but evenings and weekends are popular for cyberattacks. The criminals have started to understand and take advantage of the time when the chances of getting detected are less.

The managed security service provider can offer continuous threat detection and response as an essential part of the primary offering. It will help the companies to take full advantage of the constant protection which the expense of hiring an entire SOC in-house.

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