The threat landscape is changing and presenting organizations with a steady supply of security challenges.

Fremont, CA: Gone are the times when firewalls and antivirus solutions can ensure a satisfactory level of safety against cyber threats if there were ever such days in the first place. Today the complex threat actors can easily defeat legacy defenses with new attack techniques that they often aim at small and medium-sized organizations with limited resources. 

The rising specter of a data breach is fueling the demand for effective and proactive cybersecurity solutions capable of delivering the level of protection organizations require to defend themselves in a hostile threat landscape, such as managed security services (MSS)

Cost Savings and Budget Flexibility

For various small organizations, building a security in-house is impossible due to the substantial upfront financial investment required. Managed security services eliminate all upfront capital costs and create a single predictable bill at the end of every month.

Even after many years, the cost-benefit of a managed security service stays significant because there are no unexpected maintenance expenses to think about. Furthermore, most security solutions have a usable life of a few years before their vendors need the customers to purchase a paid update.

Access to Leading Technology and Expertise

One of the significant benefits of managed security solutions is access to leading technology and expertise. Even large enterprises sometimes struggle to hire experienced security professionals to staff dedicated security teams, leaving small organizations unable to compete and attract the talent they require to face the latest cyber threats. 

MSSPs employ highly qualified security professionals and use best-of-breed technology to help their customers handle numerous threats. Regardless of its size, any organization can immediately benefit from the expertise and technology gained by MSSPs over many years, which is why even large enterprises with huge budgets outsource their security instead of painstakingly building a comparable solution in-house.

Improved Focus on Business

Each organization has its mission, and it needs to maintain a sharp focus on it to keep up with larger competitors. By delegating cybersecurity to an MSSP, organizations can let someone else worry about implementing the latest and greatest security tools while still benefiting from them.

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