A ripe cybersecurity strategy can prevent the majority of attacks, detect vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and enables security of strategic business initiatives like digital transformation. 

FREMONT, CA: Cyber Security threats are dynamic and can be highly unpredictable for businesses with legacy and manual approaches. With an increasingly machine-based adversary, cybersecurity approaches that are conventional and manual are mostly doomed to fail. Companies need to take a different approach to cybersecurity, which embraces a comprehensive view of security architecture with new technology to surface new business opportunities. Here is more to it!  

• Enterprise-Wide Awareness

Upper-level management awareness of cyber threats in most companies has increased due to the many high-profile breach incidents over the last few years. The cost associated with ransomware, data breaches, and other security issues is high. But many still see cybersecurity as a technical issue, to be dealt with by the IT department. So one way to wake up the boardroom to cybersecurity awareness is regulatory compliance. In these cases, management can be held personally responsible for non-compliance, so there is a strong incentive to act on security issues.

• Align Security and Risk Management with Business Strategy

To invest wisely, companies need to capitalize on security, where it counts and is strategically important. Organizations should, therefore, classify their assets according to their strategic importance, considering regulatory compliance and other guidelines.

• Security-By-Design Approach

Vulnerabilities should not be fixed just after the fact. Rather than designing a separate security architecture, enterprises should develop a secure architecture and address risks in that architecture and develop across all levels of the enterprise, from people to processes and technologies.

• Assume Compromised

No amount of security measures will make the enterprise a hundred percent safe. So it is always better to be prepared to act when things go wrong. Many organizations scramble to find out what to do when they are compromised. Assuming as compromised ever can help overcome this.

By re-imagining cybersecurity organizations can move quicker and more securely than ever. Firms with practical, measurable investment programs, combined with a willingness to evolve, should be best positioned to realize potential value.

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