Digitalization has kicked up the security breaches, and law firms are also vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data protection is difficult but not impossible as technology is the cure.

FREMONT, CA: Law firms are one of the significant targets of cybercriminals. Client data with law firms is precious and sensitive. It is essential that all the data is kept safe and away from any possible attacks by cybercriminals. The increasing sophistication and technological abilities are enabling hackers to come up with several ways of hacking into the systems of these companies and stealing information. Hence, law companies must understand the importance of security measures and take concrete steps towards safeguarding the client data in their possession.

• Preventing Phishing

Phishing is one of the most common ways in which hackers try to manipulate the workers in a law firm into compromising on security. Emails and other online tools are widely used in the law industry, as document sharing and exchange is an essential aspect of functioning. With creative phishing techniques, cybercriminals are targeting employees, and in case the employee falls for a trap, a breach becomes easy. Hackers try to impersonate sign-in screens and fake client credentials in trying to gain access to the systems. To prevent phishing, companies should change account passwords regularly and update the systems apart from training employees to recognize hacking attempts.

• Protecting against Ransomware

Ransomware can affect law firms and disrupt the functioning of a law firm temporarily. Most of the times, the hackers demand money in return for letting the firms access their files and data, whereas sometimes, they go on to delete the information upon not receiving the demanded amount. Law firms should have a good back up strategies for all the important data files and must also seek the assistance of file recovery experts in case of a ransomware attack.

• Deploying Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial intelligence based security software can lend a lot of security to law firms. These software and tools are designed to prevent hacks by continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the entire digital infrastructure. It can spot anomalies and trigger alarms whenever it detects any suspicious behavior in any of the systems.

Law firms should make Cyber Security a priority and deal with data breaches better.