Employees are a company's first line of defense against cyber security threats. Every person in the organization contributes to the success of a security awareness program.

Fremont, CA: Managers must prioritize the development of a cyber secure and aware culture as part of the organization's goals and plans. Every manager, department, and individual in a business must commit to this on a long-term basis. One thing that all successful security awareness programs have in common is that they have the backing of all departments, teams, groups, and decision-makers. As a CISO or security leader, you must engender interest and participation in security awareness at all levels of the organization, including the C-suite, human resources, IT, and each team lead and manager. There must be an interest and dedication towards security awareness at every level and in every area.

Few tips on how to build  a strong security awareness program:

Get a C-suite support

Employees must be allowed to spend time learning during security awareness training. Employees must also understand that this training is a top priority for them and the company. Organizations need C-Suite support to accomplish this. This assistance translates to a training budget, assigning time for staff to complete training modules, and emphasizing the importance of cyber security at the organization's top.

Partner up

Build a security awareness program with essential departments, including human resources, legal & compliance, IT, and managers. Explain how cyber-attacks occur and why it's important to foster a cyber-secure culture. Make resources available to them.

Know your organization

Employees in every department and at every level should be questioned. Pay attention to the coworkers' work patterns. Do they know about the BYOD policy and how to use remote working effectively? Do you know how people communicate and share knowledge with one another? Learn about the goals, issues, and cultures of the company's various teams and departments.


A team of people is behind every effective security awareness program. Managers, executives, team leads, and key colleagues should all be kept informed. It is crucial to keep them informed about the status of the training and awareness initiative.