In the present scenario, most IT leaders consider identity management solutions essential to addressing the agency’s increased cybersecurity threats.

Fremont, CA: As identity and access management are highly crucial to protect against outsider cyber threats and make sure that the right users have access to the correct information, it is clear that effective IAM faces many challenges.

Proper IAM is essential for ensuring that federal employees have to access the pertinent data, systems, and facilities and that the external actors do not compromise the agencies. As the standard identifiers such as the Social Security numbers become outdated and very easily compromised, personal, business, and government data is very high at risk.

Here are some of the significant IAM challenges in the government sector.

Prevalence of and easy access to personal data- Several personal profiles on social media leave very little to be revealed; email addresses and phone numbers are accessible with just the click of a button. The same can be told for earlier secured forms of ID, like Social Security numbers and dates of birth that are sometimes sent carelessly through email. Cybercriminals easily steal this type of data and set up businesses on the black market where the personal information is given for sale for as little as a dollar.

Password reuse. Due to outside threats, passwords have become essential to holding and managing an account online. Private, public, and federal institutions continue to depend on online accounts in order to complete critical business functions, needing the users to create various passwords. However, as the users tend to utilize the same password for several accounts, if one account is compromised, the others can be easily compromised.

Multifactor authentication. While multifactor authentication can be effective, it is far away from user friendly. Government employees or contractors that need access to numerous networks and systems are generally required to carry a separate access card or RSA token that can be burdensome and very difficult to manage – to that point where some users opt to aim a webcam at their RSA tokens. Multifactor authentication is also not completely foolproof and is usually used for high-value applications, making them a target for sophisticated hackers who are well aware of the potential advantages to be reaped.

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