Parents need to monitor their child’s social media activities and digital footprint to prevent them from facing cyberbullying.

FREMONT, CA: Social media does bring everyone together, but it also causes a chasm between individuals and groups as they take a dig at each other in a passive argument game. Most children are subjected to cyberbullying, which threatens their safety. 

It is essential to take the necessary steps to stop cyberbullying and bring in preventive strategies to prevent it.

Monitor Children’s Screen Time

Although a device belongs to a child, parents should take responsibility for children's well-being. Not many children talk about instances of cyberbullying because they might want to solve it by themselves—this is when parents can pitch in and talk about it. It is essential for all the parents to keep asking questions and continue with the dialogue on internet behavior.

Since not all children will open up about bad online experience parents must stay watchful and monitor the warning signs of cyberbullying when:

• There is frequent texting or messaging happening.
• Mysterious behavior while using an electronic device.
• Not carrying out a favorite activity.
• Emotional changes in the behavior, for instance, reacting uncannily to a message.

Document and Report Cyberbullying

Parents should take a screenshot of the chats and post where cyberbullying happens and save them as evidence. Most of the websites and applications dedicate a page to safety and security; parents can look for information and report bullying or change the settings. If the issue continues, then guardians can talk to other parents and discuss with them the solutions and group together to stop the harassment. 

Follow Through the Apps and Websites

Just a report on cyberbullying is not enough; parents also need to follow up on the report and know what action has been taken against the bully. Authorities might not be able to give the details, but they can inform guardians if the matter has been addressed. It is essential to re-check social media posts and texts to be sure that the issue has been handled.