New Charter Technologies acquires Olmec Systems with a desire to grow business and stay active in the future of managed services.

FREMONT, CA: New Charter Technologies, a portfolio company of Palo Alto-based private equity firm Oval Partners, acquires Olmec Systems. With about 34 years of experience in the MSP industry, Olmec boasts more than 5,000 endpoints serviced in the NJ/NYC and metro Atlanta markets.

As New Charter's roster of North American MSPs continues to evolve, Olmec Systems is an addition to New Charter. Chris and Jason have developed an incredible culture with a highly expert group of professionals. The Olmec team has continually added to its loyal client base over a long period of success. They come forth a wealth of potentials to New Charter.

With a strong desire to grow their business and stay proactive in managed services. The new Charter brings new things to the table that are going to assist it in developing. Something that the company hasn't had in the past that is very appealing. The company is looking forward to that aspect of it. New Charter Technologies provides founders of high performing MSPs a uniquely compelling opportunity to capitalize alongside Oval Partners in the business's continued evolution. New Charter firms are all industry-leading, Best-in-Class (top quartile) MSPs.

Features of this unique partnership include an unprecedented Ownership Model. Owners can take cash off the table and re-invest in New Charter in a single class of shares with Oval's investment. Owners continue to run their respective firms and become a part of New Charter's leadership team tasked with developing New Charter to achieve standing as a leading national MSP. New Charter Technologies' operating model includes strategic leadership and a successful investment provider with permanent capital. Though the acquisition is still relatively recent, Olmec is happy with how things have begun and is looking forward to a successful future.