Firms need a layered security strategy to secure their applications and data.

FREMONT, CA : Phishing campaigns will continue to evolve, and many firms will exploit the fear and uncertainty that continues to surround the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts are also predicting scams preying on individuals and businesses looking for economic stimulus payments. Ransomware threats will continue to increase, as will cloud data breaches and attacks on endpoint devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). There is no single cybersecurity control that can address all of these threats, so firms need a layered security strategy to protect their applications and data. Here are some strategies firms will need in 2021.

Security Assessment

Organizations need to identify the gaps in their security to close them. A cybersecurity evaluation will identify vulnerabilities that could offer hackers access to the network and offer recommendations for mitigating the risk of cyber attack.

Secure Remote Access

With massive numbers of users working remotely, firms need to ensure that they aren’t opening the way to threats when accessing corporate IT resources. Virtual private networks (VPNs) leverage strong encryption to guard sensitive data. Conventional antivirus software is essential, but it’s not sufficient. Firms need continuous monitoring of activities and events on endpoints to identify and block threats that get past initial defenses.

Monitoring Insider Threats

Malicious users are responsible for about 30 percent of data breaches. A considerable portion of these threats involves stolen or misused information. It is critical to monitor unauthorized logins or unusual login behavior and limit user access to required IT resources.

Including Cloud-based Applications

A frequent and reliable backup is one best remedy against a ransomware attack. Firms should not forget about the data stored in the cloud — it could be targeted by ransomware, and it is not the cloud provider’s responsibility to back it up. Also, it is not possible to guard against every threat. A well-thought-out and thoroughly tested incident response plan can reduce the impact of a successful attack.

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