IAM solutions and services hold high prevalence in the present digital world, where security is always a concern. 

FREMONT, CA: Increased cloud adoption and growing data transfer across networks are posing new challenges to IT security in organizations. As a result, Identity and Access Management (IAM) has emerged as a critical component of enterprise IT for enhancing a company's overall security posture.

The growing dispersed mobile workforce requires a more complex and robust IAM framework to protect data and assets. To manage user identities and resource access at this stage, cybersecurity teams will need more stringent security controls.

As a result, the latest trends in authenticating identity and access management for enterprise applications should have been addressed in the organization's current IAM strategy. Here is a range of new IT security issues and how IAM Solutions can help.

Emerging IT Security Challenges and IAM Solutions

Distributed Workforce

The COVID-19 crisis has provided the industry with a new direction in the form of remote working. As a result, cloud usage is skyrocketing to satisfy the distributed workforce.

Location is no longer an obstacle, and companies are finding it easier to hire and retain top talent. Here is where enterprise IT security deals with a challenge in the context of a dispersed workforce, where the same experience is expected without a "security compromise."

These are tackled by the IAM solution, which offers enhanced visibility and access control over the distributed workforce.

Distributed Applications

The trend of distributed applications was revived by cloud-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. The drive for digital transformation in businesses is accelerating the trend. Today, companies can see the effect in collaboration tools and essential business applications like Office365 and Salesforce, to name a few. As a result, the analysis is in progress.

IAM addresses this issue by assisting administrators in managing, consolidating, and simplifying access rights across all applications, regardless of their venue.

Resource Provisioning

Resource provisioning, when performed manually, can be a difficult job. It requires time and effort, lowering efficiency. Such delays in revoking access can cause severe damage to corporate data security in a security setup.

IAM Solution solves this issue by automating the provisioning and de-provisioning processes, allowing IT teams to have total control over access and ensuring that security policies are strictly implemented.