FREMONT, CA: The data breach is one of the biggest threats to any organization. Big companies manage to bounce at any data breach or cyber attack, but small companies run out within months. Cybersecurity is very important for any sized organization, especially when it comes to safeguarding and empowering businesses. Several abnormalities constitute suspicious activity, attempting to manipulate and deteriorate SMEs and their network security. To identify the nature of the data hack, a business needs to recognize suspicious behavior.  This will help an organization in taking and implementing corrective measure to minimize the threat and curb damage. There are specific activities in detail that companies should keep an eye out. Check them out!

• Database activity

In case of unusual activity in the database, it could be that of internal or external attacks. It is imperative to watch out for vital signs like an abnormal growth in data traffic, changes made to permissions or changes in users, and more.

• Unusual user access

An external hacker is trying to gain access to a business network when there are suspicious changes in the user's account. Accounts being accessed, at odd hours, and multiple failed login attempts should be tracked.

• Abuse of accounts

It is an internal attack when privileged accounts are abused. Looking out for odd sharing access, access to sensitive information when it's not needed or modified audits is essential.

• Changes to flies

Configuration changes made to files is another sign of data attack. This might mean that the hacker has access to the network and trying to cover the trail.

• Network behavior

If there are any strange changes in the network's performance, an organization should look out for unauthorized scans. Any violations of protocol or traffic that have odd targets or origins are critical signs of an external hack.

Cyber Security and data protection is vital for every organization, whether it's an SME or a large corporation. Cyber attacks not only cost a business financially but also defame the brand's image and reputation. Hackers are continually finding new ways to break in, even with more advanced technology and security protocol in place.  Businesses need to be two steps ahead when it comes to cybersecurity.