The companies are applying biometric because it helps them to maintain security in the organization.

FREMONT, CA: With technology invading each aspect of daily life and society is becoming increasingly digitized, it becomes more difficult to protect sensitive information. Earlier, passwords and keys were once considered adequate to offer data protection, but now, they look fragile in the face of sophisticated hacker attacks. Passwords are the weakest point in the security framework of an organization. They are easy to share, and a variety of methods will break even those with powerful entropy.

Furthermore, recent network security breaches and identity thefts reinforce the need for a robust authentication system today. It has emphasized biometric protection as it is the most efficient way to prove a person's identity. Biometric characteristics are intrinsic and distinctive to each person and include physical and behavioral features such as fingerprints, face, iris, gait, voice, and many more. Biometric safety systems can also verify the identity of a person with optimum validity and consistency as biometric features are part of the individual's being.

Advantages of biometric security

Companies that use biometric protection will benefit in several ways. The identification provided by biometric technology is highly precise and thus ensures safe access to sensitive information. Modalities like fingerprints, iris, and retinal scans generate, when appropriately captured, absolutely unique data sets. Once the consumer is enrolled in the biometric system, automatic identification can be performed quickly and uniformly with minimal preparation.

Due to its familiarity and wide availability of fingerprint tools, fingerprint biometrics is a very economical user authentication technique. It consumes less energy for user registration and verification. In addition, the storage space needed for the template to be stored is limited, thus reducing the size of the necessary database memory.

Also, biometric modalities are incredibly difficult to fake. These are unique for every person and remain comparatively stable throughout the life of an individual. Organizational employees would like the ease and high degree of security that biometrics provide their computers and files with. They will be relieved of the responsibility of entering or constantly changing complicated passwords for security purposes.

Biometric traits are non-transferable and less time consuming, unlike passwords. The detection time is less than 5 seconds on average. Accountability and authentication are other benefits. As the biometric identifier is part of a human being and nearly impossible to replicate, a person does not deny having acted.

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