Cybersecurity and information security play a significant role in every enterprise. However, the definition and understanding of these two terms differ a lot and should not be interchangeable as it is done usually.

FREMONT, CA: The concepts of cybersecurity and information security are usually used as synonyms since both are associated with the security of computer systems. Putting it in a line, one does the job of dealing with the defending of the data in cyberspace, while the other deals with the data security in general.


In this concept, computers, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic systems, and data are defended from malicious attacks, which vary from personal devices to business organizations. The attacks are classified into distinct categories, like application security, network security, operational security, information security, and disaster recovery, along with business continuity. Application security and network security concentrates on shielding computer networks, along with device and software free for threats and susceptibilities. Disaster recovery is related to the response of an enterprise if some loss of data takes place and attempts to restore its operational abilities to continue the functioning of the business.

Information security

In a simplified manner, information security prevents unauthorized access or modification during the time of storing data or moving it from one system to another. The information can be social media profiles, biometrics, data on mobile phones, and so on. This results in research for information security encompassing multiple domains, like online forensics and cryptocurrency.

Information security covers three goals of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, which is commonly known as the CIA.

To ensure the proficient working of information security, enterprises impose numerous policies, like access password policy, control policy along with operation plans and data support. Measures also involve network intrusion detection systems, mantraps, and regulatory compliance, and so on.


Cybersecurity does the job of protecting attacks in cyberspace, like storage sources, data, devices, etc. In contrast, information security protects data from any kind of thread, no matter it is digital or analog. Usually, cybersecurity deals with cyber frauds, cybercrimes, and law enforcement, whereas information security is meant for unauthorized access, disruption, and disclosure modification.

Cybersecurity is managed by professionals who have expertise in dealing with advanced persistent threats (APT), particularly. On the other hand, information security lays the foundation of data security, and the experts are trained to prioritize resources first prior to eliminating the attacks or threats.

In an era where online threats are hovering over organizations, the culmination of cybersecurity and information security is a must to ensure a safe environment.  

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